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I play games. Lots and lots of games. I am usually on xbox live every day when im not at work. When im not on Live im lurking on here. I've been here probably since the beginning of the site and didnt really realize it till just recently. I play lots of rpg's. Currently trying to finish many of my Atlus rpgs for PS2. If anyone would like to Coop games or play multiplayer on Live send me a friend request. Currently with the influx of female gamers on Dtoid im wondering if anyone would like to join my Live list. No one reads these side blogs usually so Im going to continue to rant on. Or maybe im not.

Oh Yeah Tokyo Beatdown for DS looks badass also
Phantasy Star Zero Online for DS also looks cool.

Completed Games list for 2009:(the ones I can remember so far at least)
Time Hollow DS
H.A.W.X. Xbox 360
Resident Evil 5 xbox 360
House of the Dead Overkill Wii
Tokyo Beat Down DS
Retro Game Challenge DS
F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360
The godfather II xbox 360
Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Xbox 360
Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon Xbox 360
Infamous PS3
Prototype Xbox 360
Fight Night round 4 xbox 360
Monsters vs aliens Xbox 360
Unbound Saga PSP
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So I have been obsessed with the movie Midnight Meat Train and seeing it since the beginning of this year when I was combing through the previews at quicktime. I waited patiently to watch the movie only to find out a few weeks before release that lionsgate was only going to show it in college town theatres. Then something happened like some big movies came out that week and lionsgate decided to can the movie all together. So earlier today I look to see when it is coming out on dvd so I can buy it and much to my surprise I find out that is showing it absolutely free on their website. Everyone and anyone who is a horror fan should see it because its about 10 times better than any horror movie I've seen it quite a few years. So take my word for it and board the train. :)

So its my birthday and I have no friends to get presents for me. No awesome girlfriend or dad like xmalachi and no talents. I decided to post for some reason but my last post I typed up just disappeared so whatever. If anyone is interested in playing warhammer with me or rock band 2 send a msg with the right gamertag or server and character name. Ill post again later to let people know what I bought myself on my birthday woohoo. Oh and just so this qualifies as a post and not a forum message here are my reviews of some movies

1. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
Michael Cera is hilarious and usual. Not much in the way of plot but running around new york, self loathing, heartache and teen sex. Kat Dennings is kind of hot in a strange way and I watch her in pretty much anything(including house bunny). Music is mostly indie and the part with John Cho is kind of ok, here's pretty much a cameo actor so no surprise there. If I had to rate it would probably be a 7/10 pretty much everything you expect but not in a bad way.

See lots of people go blind. Check. See lots of people become depressed. Check. See what happens when people give in to the animal instincts inside. Check. Watch many people but pretty much only fat or obese people be naked for no apparent reason. Check. Have a not making any sense ending. Check. Overall I would give this movie about a 5.5/10 because its just not really good or bad and should have ended about 45 minutes before it actually did.

P.S. will post later with pics of birthday presents to myself.

Wow just wow. First I go to penny arcade to hear them rant about how evil army of two is then I come here. I have never heard such hypocritcal words come from gamers mouths in all my life. I dont suppose killing creatures in WOW hurts your morals or makes you wonder why they deserved to die. Try to think about the hobos problems when you put there skull through a tv in condemned 2. Maybe try to sit back for a minute before you headshot a terrorist in rainbow six vegas 2 this week to really think about if what there doing is really wrong. Or maybe wonder about all the people shooting at you in any of the numerous games you play when you kill them. But its ok in all those games because 90% of the time they dont joke about killing them or do fist pounds or air guitars. Here's my short review of the game. If you like all out action third person games where you get to shoot lots of people and do somewhat rambo like actions, then you will like this game. If you play this with other people you may like it a bit more. If you like 4 player online action that is somewhat different than gears of war or any other third person shooter then you may like the online aspect of this game.

My thoughts about some of the front page post are below:

"Choke someone to death, then play air guitar. Shoot a turban-wearing suicide bomber, then fist pound. This is the life of a private mercenary as presented by Army of Two, and it is supposed to be fun.

Army of Two never asks its players to give two shits about the enemies they are killing. The terrorists, depending on the level, all look the same: the Iraqis look like Iraqis, the Chinese look like Chinese, and the Americans look like Americans. They are, essentially, faceless bad guys; even in the last levels of the game where players break into their own private military firm on a mission to kill their boss, the players are never onced ask to consider the fact that they are literally blowing their way past dozens and dozens of completely ignorant security guards and soldiers who are totally unaware as to their boss's corruption. The bad guys exist to be killed, not to be thought about or sympathized with."

_Congradufuckinlations you just described what happens in every shooter game ever made, either in game or by people in real life playin the games. If you didnt enjoy takin out bad guys by the dozens u wont play video games. You dont have to feel for the characters its a game not reality there is no morality play involved._

"The fact that one of the mercs grows a conscience out of nowhere is irrelevant, considering that conscience manifests itself in the duo's decision to blow away the dozens of aforementioned ignorant security guards."

_Did you even pay attention to the story, these people were hired to kill you by dalton and clyde apparently someone doesnt follow the story when playing the game._

"As it stands, however, players can easily spend hours killing bad guys without a second thought, until the protagonists suddenly start making devil horns and playing air guitar after a particularly violent gunfight. For more socially-conscious gamers, moments like this make the wheels come to a screeching halt: this is not funny or cool. This is callous, and more than a little sick. The player is forced to reevaluate all the fun he was having before, given this new and disturbing attitude toward mass genocide."

_Because that never happens in other war games like rainbow six vegas, gears of war, or with the general population of ppl on xbox live with mics. All I hear is good job on takin out this person or that person in any game I play.

P.S. Sorry if this isnt cool like everyone elses posts but im not good at bbcode or html design sorry._

So Ive heard many posters talking bout tomopop, and contrary to the post title all I know is its gonna be a toy/collectible site from the people of destructoid. When is it going to launch, how do I contribute, and do action figures(preferably the ones that actually can move) fit into the site. I was an avid collector of the newest he-man series and plan to post pics in my c-blog later on this week(when I find my digital camera). P.S. Blog posts about Burnout Paradise, No More Heroes, and more to come later today/this week.

my xbox live tag is bigghurt and I was hoping I could get a xbox live band together so I could unlock everything in the game. If anyone is interested(or if its even possible to do this)send me a friend request on live. Im only playing on medium right now but will play on hard later on in the future.

well last week my 2nd xbox 360 went to the land of the red lights. Sent it back yesterday, hoping for some better luck I buy rock band(to play on my spare 360). After I get rock band home I figure out that the guitar is broken out of the box. It doesnt connect with my 360 and I've tried everything on the forums, plug unplug change batteries etc. What should I do, should I return to store, or send guitar in to EA. Whats your thoughts?