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thebigghurt avatar 5:11 PM on 04.09.2009  (server time)
Where the lobster milkshake is Electro Lemon Also DLC whiners shut it.

Dear Destructoid I know I lurk around here and read your posts and dont contribute much but thats for another topic and another time. It used to be when I log in 4 times a day I would at least see one post from Electro lemon in the c-blogs almost everyday. Most of it granted was complete nonsense but it was a tradition to see his stupid posts about fake trips, why he wanted to love his dreamcast even more and many rants about bein poor because he cant afford every game of the week. So I ask you where the frak is electro lemon I wanna read about you more often.

On to the real reason why I blogged today, If you dont like DLC dont fucking buy it. Seriously RE5 charged you something that was on the disc already($4.00 seriously, hours of multiplayer or a cheeseburger and fries or one pack of cigarettes, thats a tough choice), dont buy it. Namco lets you buy lvl ups, dont buy it. EA lets you pay to break there games. DONT FUCKIN buy it. You should be glad that the original idea of turning every game into a korean cash shop didnt happen. I remember when they did a mock up of xbl before it happened and they were like with forza motorsports we'll be able to sell things like premium rims and tires and every piece of car will be a microtransaction. Like .40 cents for rims and 1.00 for tires. Just be glad that the companies havent released the games that could potentially be set up like Special Forces and people would pay for it. (Special Forces or so I've been told is a free to play game that grossed over $6 million in micro-transactions). Imagine if they sold you half the game for $40 and then multiplayer and added characters were $20 for every game. Then you can start complainin but until then we probably shouldnt antagonize the dlc'ers into a worse situation than people think it is now.

Oh yeah one more thing giving residuals to voice actors is a very bad thing to suggest dtoid editors unless you want games to start retailing for much more than they already do.(more about that later)

End wall of text.

P.s. More posts today pending

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