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I play games. Lots and lots of games. I am usually on xbox live every day when im not at work. When im not on Live im lurking on here. I've been here probably since the beginning of the site and didnt really realize it till just recently. I play lots of rpg's. Currently trying to finish many of my Atlus rpgs for PS2. If anyone would like to Coop games or play multiplayer on Live send me a friend request. Currently with the influx of female gamers on Dtoid im wondering if anyone would like to join my Live list. No one reads these side blogs usually so Im going to continue to rant on. Or maybe im not.

Oh Yeah Tokyo Beatdown for DS looks badass also
Phantasy Star Zero Online for DS also looks cool.

Completed Games list for 2009:(the ones I can remember so far at least)
Time Hollow DS
H.A.W.X. Xbox 360
Resident Evil 5 xbox 360
House of the Dead Overkill Wii
Tokyo Beat Down DS
Retro Game Challenge DS
F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360
The godfather II xbox 360
Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Xbox 360
Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon Xbox 360
Infamous PS3
Prototype Xbox 360
Fight Night round 4 xbox 360
Monsters vs aliens Xbox 360
Unbound Saga PSP
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Ok I havent typed anything in a while so here goes. I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, I play too many games, and I dont get out very much and i work alot more than anyone I know(because they are all lazy asses). I like beat em up games too much. I play too many rpgs and way too many mmorpgs.

While im talking about myself if any single women who play on xbox live regularly my xbox live tag is bigghurt(seriously though if anyone wants to play coop or chat reguarly on live add me). Onward with the reintroduction.

I'm 26 I went to Comic-con a couple times in a row but havent been in 2 years. Its pretty awesome if you get a chance you should go. I buy too many collector's editions and I spend too much money every year on video games. Everyone who's not completely retarded should give goozex a try. Its made for popular games and not rare games. If you wait it out you can get some rare stuff for cheap but you gotta wait forever. Gamestop loves me because until recently I pretty much gave them every game I owned for months. I watch too many movies, and I own some games but not enough. Thats enough about me for awhile.

Anyways about Tokyo Beatdown I got an email from my atlus newsletter about this game and it looks awesome as shit. Shootin things beatin people up and different characters to choose from. Also its slightly 3-d from what the video looks like.

Hope this link works

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