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thebigghurt avatar 5:31 PM on 08.26.2009  (server time)
Dear everyone worried about or not buying shadow complex read this.

I understand that most people on the planet dont read previews for games or play magazine for that matter but let me lay this out to people willing to read my post. Buying shadow complex will not further any antigay agendas, it wont help make orson scott card money, it wont ruin gay marriages or the rights of gays. Shadow complex's story was invented by chair and orson scott card heard about the story developing for the game and wrote a book that mirrors shadow complex's story. Then in Chairs infinite wisdom they decided to tie his name to the game in hopes of selling it better. So when you decide to buy or not buy shadow complex you are only hurting or helping a indie developer die or grow. I believe your only hurting the indie marketplace by not buying a game that deserves your attention. If you dont like Metroidvania games dont buy it. If you do like metroidvania games pick it up. Screw what you think about the games story novel and enjoy it for what it is a great xbl ps3 digital game. I think people are overthinking the situation and should just enjoy a great game. Help Chair with a purchase. FOR THE LAST TIME SHADOW COMPLEX HAS LITTLE TO NOTHING TO DO WITH ORSON SCOTT CARD READ SOMETHING BEFORE YOU ASSUME FACTS.

P.S. Hes rich if he wants to do something he will do it with or without your support of his books or comics or games.

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