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I play games. Lots and lots of games. I am usually on xbox live every day when im not at work. When im not on Live im lurking on here. I've been here probably since the beginning of the site and didnt really realize it till just recently. I play lots of rpg's. Currently trying to finish many of my Atlus rpgs for PS2. If anyone would like to Coop games or play multiplayer on Live send me a friend request. Currently with the influx of female gamers on Dtoid im wondering if anyone would like to join my Live list. No one reads these side blogs usually so Im going to continue to rant on. Or maybe im not.

Oh Yeah Tokyo Beatdown for DS looks badass also
Phantasy Star Zero Online for DS also looks cool.

Completed Games list for 2009:(the ones I can remember so far at least)
Time Hollow DS
H.A.W.X. Xbox 360
Resident Evil 5 xbox 360
House of the Dead Overkill Wii
Tokyo Beat Down DS
Retro Game Challenge DS
F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360
The godfather II xbox 360
Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Xbox 360
Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon Xbox 360
Infamous PS3
Prototype Xbox 360
Fight Night round 4 xbox 360
Monsters vs aliens Xbox 360
Unbound Saga PSP
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Well just got back from the game store last night and picked up Saw for 360 and Demon's Souls Premium. While not as hard as I imagined as people are whining about I am still dying alot. I cant really think of much to write in my blog today but decided I might as well throw one out there since I am having a lobster milkshake of a birthday. P.S. I remember from my birthday post last year a few people on dtoid also share my birthday so Happy Birthday to them as well. If anyone wants to play somethin on Xbox Live tonight send me an invite my gamertag is on my profile but in case you dont see it its Bigghurt.

Cheers and soon I will post my collection pics of all my games PREPARE TO BE AMAZED. Not really.

Here is a top ten list of reasons why I think people can say they love the dreamcast and mean it(mostly my reasons though).

1.For me at least, the dreamcast was the first system all stores got behind selling. It was the system I could find games for nearly anywhere. Retailers were excited and it was really the first time I started trading games and things at places like gamestop to get games.

2.It had internet capabilites, if you wanted to play online it was either everquest on pc, or the dreamcast network. I remember leveling at least 6 characters to nearly max on Phantasy Star Online. I literally could not stop playing that game. I dont believe xbox live would exist in its form today if it werent for dreamcast network.

3.Most people were waiting for the promised naomi arcade ports to flood the system like sega told us they would, except they didnt unfortunately. I did love House of the Dead 2 though. I must have logged at least 180 plus hours into that game and got a 5 stars in every bonus mission available.

4. Most people loved the dreamcast because it was the first time sega built a system completely on its own merits. They didnt plan any strange expansions or any pieces that needed to be bought later they just made a hardware set and hoped for the best.(If you didnt own a Master system or a Genesis you wouldnt understand this reason)

5.The vmu is still the best memory card doohickey thingie invented for a system. I know people hoped for all the amazing things they said it would do. I did enjoy the virtual pet missions some games gave to it. Primarily Zombie revenge and the sonic adventures.

6. Most people I know enjoyed the online multiplayer you just couldnt get on a console anywhere else(double reason but who cares).

7. People still enjoyed Sonic in those days.

8. Most people I know loved it because they could mod it easily(even though I've always bought my games)

9. Because people will always love the potential of what could have been then what acutally was.

10. Most hardcore dreamcast lovers I know that speak and can read japanese had games to buy for this system up until a few years ago with all the shooters in japan being released.

@Yojimbo(in response to my last short post which apparently was not a big enough wall of text)

Where was I when it launched?
Outside the store waiting to buy my system and launch games

Like you sir I bought nearly every game I could afford when they came out and when I couldnt I traded games to get them.
I loved the dreamcast more than Sega could let me and when they stopped making games I even tried to order some from Japan but after the third time my order got lost in the mail I gave up hope from buying dreamcast games overseas. I loved the system and Ill be ashamed if I said I didnt. If Sega ever got the balls to release a new system id have that thing paid off months in advance before it launched and buy all its launch games.

Dear Yojimbo,

I loved the dreamcast, I owned many of the games for it and I am gearing up to buy about 200 games from my friend and nearly having a complete collection of dreamcast games. If you dont remember which most people dont, sega of japan and sega of america were feuding at the time of the dreamcast. Most games were simply not made available to sega of america for licensing due to piss poor management and battling ceo's. Sega was a mess and both companies didnt know how to handle properties for the dreamcast. Next time you call a group of fans liars you should know that if a company cant support its product then the fans can love it all they want but the money wont ever be enough. I'd write a bigger mountain of text but A. im too tired tonight and B. The trolls are back again as evidenced by most posts and replies ive been reading lately.

Stay tuned for part 2

I understand that most people on the planet dont read previews for games or play magazine for that matter but let me lay this out to people willing to read my post. Buying shadow complex will not further any antigay agendas, it wont help make orson scott card money, it wont ruin gay marriages or the rights of gays. Shadow complex's story was invented by chair and orson scott card heard about the story developing for the game and wrote a book that mirrors shadow complex's story. Then in Chairs infinite wisdom they decided to tie his name to the game in hopes of selling it better. So when you decide to buy or not buy shadow complex you are only hurting or helping a indie developer die or grow. I believe your only hurting the indie marketplace by not buying a game that deserves your attention. If you dont like Metroidvania games dont buy it. If you do like metroidvania games pick it up. Screw what you think about the games story novel and enjoy it for what it is a great xbl ps3 digital game. I think people are overthinking the situation and should just enjoy a great game. Help Chair with a purchase. FOR THE LAST TIME SHADOW COMPLEX HAS LITTLE TO NOTHING TO DO WITH ORSON SCOTT CARD READ SOMETHING BEFORE YOU ASSUME FACTS.

P.S. Hes rich if he wants to do something he will do it with or without your support of his books or comics or games.

Dear Destructoid I know I lurk around here and read your posts and dont contribute much but thats for another topic and another time. It used to be when I log in 4 times a day I would at least see one post from Electro lemon in the c-blogs almost everyday. Most of it granted was complete nonsense but it was a tradition to see his stupid posts about fake trips, why he wanted to love his dreamcast even more and many rants about bein poor because he cant afford every game of the week. So I ask you where the frak is electro lemon I wanna read about you more often.

On to the real reason why I blogged today, If you dont like DLC dont fucking buy it. Seriously RE5 charged you something that was on the disc already($4.00 seriously, hours of multiplayer or a cheeseburger and fries or one pack of cigarettes, thats a tough choice), dont buy it. Namco lets you buy lvl ups, dont buy it. EA lets you pay to break there games. DONT FUCKIN buy it. You should be glad that the original idea of turning every game into a korean cash shop didnt happen. I remember when they did a mock up of xbl before it happened and they were like with forza motorsports we'll be able to sell things like premium rims and tires and every piece of car will be a microtransaction. Like .40 cents for rims and 1.00 for tires. Just be glad that the companies havent released the games that could potentially be set up like Special Forces and people would pay for it. (Special Forces or so I've been told is a free to play game that grossed over $6 million in micro-transactions). Imagine if they sold you half the game for $40 and then multiplayer and added characters were $20 for every game. Then you can start complainin but until then we probably shouldnt antagonize the dlc'ers into a worse situation than people think it is now.

Oh yeah one more thing giving residuals to voice actors is a very bad thing to suggest dtoid editors unless you want games to start retailing for much more than they already do.(more about that later)

End wall of text.

P.s. More posts today pending

Ok I havent typed anything in a while so here goes. I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, I play too many games, and I dont get out very much and i work alot more than anyone I know(because they are all lazy asses). I like beat em up games too much. I play too many rpgs and way too many mmorpgs.

While im talking about myself if any single women who play on xbox live regularly my xbox live tag is bigghurt(seriously though if anyone wants to play coop or chat reguarly on live add me). Onward with the reintroduction.

I'm 26 I went to Comic-con a couple times in a row but havent been in 2 years. Its pretty awesome if you get a chance you should go. I buy too many collector's editions and I spend too much money every year on video games. Everyone who's not completely retarded should give goozex a try. Its made for popular games and not rare games. If you wait it out you can get some rare stuff for cheap but you gotta wait forever. Gamestop loves me because until recently I pretty much gave them every game I owned for months. I watch too many movies, and I own some games but not enough. Thats enough about me for awhile.

Anyways about Tokyo Beatdown I got an email from my atlus newsletter about this game and it looks awesome as shit. Shootin things beatin people up and different characters to choose from. Also its slightly 3-d from what the video looks like.

Hope this link works