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theamazingfletch's blog

2:04 PM on 02.08.2011

Saving the World from Bulletstorm, Fox News The original article here depicts an anti-Bulletstorm report that is almost clichéd at this point. When will this nonsense end? We have all heard the a...   read

11:56 AM on 12.14.2010

I Miss Playing TF2

Team Fortress 2. No game have I ever been more eager to rip the packaging off and play. Or in this case purchase and wait to download. I played the beta, got the orange box and hammered away at this amazing title. Why was Te...   read

10:16 AM on 12.13.2010

It's Time to Put This One Down.

Here I am, on an average Monday before the winter holidays looking over the latest Newegg holiday deals. Unrestrained drooling usually commences as I add 2-3 video cards to my shopping cart and pile on RAM like turkey on my...   read

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