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the7k avatar 2:19 AM on 06.15.2014  (server time)
Making Atomiswave/ST-V cases from crap(py Genesis sports games).

Okay, I know that this isn't really timely or anything. I'm aware that practically none of you on Destructoid have a Sammy Atomiswave or Sega ST-V system. I'm aware even those of you who do probably don't really give a crap about making your games look good on your shelves.

But, ya know what? Bucket. I'm telling you about this crap anyway. I don't really need to, considering there's already a video about it on YouTube, but that vid didn't quite go into everything so I'll divulge some additional info.

Front and back views in the gallery - but this is how you'll see them 99% of the time.

First off, let me warn you about something the video doesn't - not all EA Sports cases work. I spent about $10 on the cases you saw. 2 from a pawn shop for $6 and spending $4 and some change on 6 at a retro gaming store that conveniently enough was having a 30% off sale on their Genesis games. Only four of them could hold either, and one of them could only hold Atomiswave.

If you go looking, look for PGA Tour Golf II and Tony La Russa Baseball. I got two of each of these and they work like a charm. The fifth case was NHL 94, which was only good for Atomiswave. (You'll notice it's the thinner case.) The first two had spines of 1 and 1/4 inch. The third had a spine of 1 and 1/8 inch. Most Gensis cases have a spine of 1 inch or less and will not work.

The Atomiswave games fortunately require no modification. They just go right in the place where the EA Sports game would have gone. For ST-V, though, you'll have to do a lot of cutting and yanking. Mostly yanking, fortunately, you can take most the tabs and other bits and bobs off just by twisting and turning with a big set of pliers. Pull off almost everything except the stuff circled. Use the Exacto knife to cut when you need to, but otherwise try to avoid it. Especially if you haven't had a tetanus shot recently.

Pink makes me feel pretty.

One thing you will need to take note of (that the vid doesn't tell you) is that you need to take at least one of the tabs off of the other side of the box. It just won't close otherwise. Spent a good deal of time trying to figure that out.

Notice I took the top tab out. Bit of the case came off too, but I don't really care.

The artwork was obtained from various sources, but mostly from (check their Flyers section), (for example, download the Saturn cover for Die Hard Arcade and then just cut off the Saturn portions), random google image searches and even anime image boards (got the cover images for Cotton Boomerang and Fist of the North Star there). 

If you have a scanner, scan the original Genesis cover and put your new graphics on top so that everything is the right size when you print it out. Otherwise, just measure the original Genesis cover and create your custom cover with those dimensions. If you need a graphics editor, Photoshop CS2 and Gimp are free options.

Well, that's all. Hope I helped all two of you out.

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