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the vinny club avatar 10:26 PM on 01.16.2008  (server time)
The 12 Most Bad Ass C64 Box Arts Ever

Here are the 12 most bad ass C64 covers ever, as voted for by a panel of me me me.

12. Danger Freak

Never, ever, EVER mess with a badly drawn kite flying giant with a shark cock.

11. 1994 - Ten Years After

I predict that by the year 1994 t-shirts and hair will be illegal and we will be ruled by a cyber falcon who records our thoughts with tape recorders up to five or six hundred times bigger and more powerful than the ones we have today.

10. Skateboard Joust

I have a backwards cap, sunglasses and ripped jeans. I also ride an enormous yellow skateboard with DEATH written on it. Beat me up.

9. Road Raider

Mad Max with George Michael as Max? Uwe Boll take note.

8. IK+

Wow, so Steven Seagal is in this game?

" It's a funny story actually. We lied. Sorry about that."

7. Majik

Wait, so is Donald Sutherland actually in this game then?

"This one was a total accident!! Who am I kidding. We lied about that one too! Ha ha."

6. Wall$treet


5. Jumpman

Behold, the jumping white man. Take that, Wesley Snipes!

4. Logo

Hey...this one is actually pretty cool.

3. Oxxonian

Pyramids? Check. Cadillac? Check. Shit imitation droids? Double Check.

2. The Sydney Affair

A game about a sniper so highly trained he can kill you from INSIDE HIS OWN GUN.

1. Hysteria

Every single night, just before I fall sleep, I utter a silent prayer to the Lord above that when I awake I will find myself within the magical world depicted on this cover. Someday he will grant me my wish. And when he does...lock up your centaurs. Shit is gonna get ugly.

Note - all images courtesy of Lemon64 - for all your c64 needs.

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