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I am a cybernetically enhanced human being. I have a SID chip for a heart and two tape decks for eyes. And a zip stick in my pants. Aside from my modifications, I can feel and love just as you unmodifieds can. Basically I'm the same as you, except I am completely invincible and I shoot laser beams. It's pretty cool.

My favourite games include:

Bruce Lee, Nexus, Cliffhanger, Law of the West, IK+, the Great Escape, Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo, Syndicate Wars, and Ico.

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Some more kick ass C64 box art for your eyeholes.


Reederei - re-der-eye (noun)

Severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following
symptoms: vague romantic feelings towards seafaring vessels, constipation, resemblance
to Humphrey Bogart.

Thunder Jaws

"Dude seriously - how cool has life been since we moved into the shark?"

"Dude tell me about it!! This shark is like, a total babe magnet."

Tower of Despair

"I hurt myself today,
I used my giant sword,
Skull tower gym membership expired,
I'm ripped but incredibly bored." - Trent Reznor, 1455 AD

"Kennedy Approach..."

"Kennedy Approach, this is the 70ft head, request immediate permission to eat the tower,

Hole In One

Golfing in dimension X - fight for your life against the giant super wide-headed golfing
beast! He's behind you! No no, wait - he's in front of you! No...hang on...he's...wait a
minute, I can get it's like an Escher drawing except really really really bad and
about golf.

Oil Imperium

"Hi there Jim. Slight snag with the Oil Imperium cover. Do ya think people are gonna
realise that we've included a poster? I know that we've put "Poster Included !" in that red
band bottom right, and I think that's a step in the right direction, but dya think we need
something...more...I dunno, something that really says - hey guys! We've included a
poster!" about a yellow sticker that says "Poster Included"?

"Damn you're good. Kiss me."

Shard of Inovar

Little known fact - this game is based on my life and is stunningly accurate.

Space Rogue

Space Douche.

Para Academy

Lesson 1 - How to aim in completely the wrong direction.

Rugby Boss

aka Freddie Mercury's Bohemian Rugby Boss!

The ultimate gaming experience - all the grit and competitiveness of professional rugby
crossed with the pomp and majesty of rocks greatest showman.

All images nicked from - for all your C64 needs(site's down at the moment

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