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I am a cybernetically enhanced human being. I have a SID chip for a heart and two tape decks for eyes. And a zip stick in my pants. Aside from my modifications, I can feel and love just as you unmodifieds can. Basically I'm the same as you, except I am completely invincible and I shoot laser beams. It's pretty cool.

My favourite games include:

Bruce Lee, Nexus, Cliffhanger, Law of the West, IK+, the Great Escape, Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo, Syndicate Wars, and Ico.

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the vinny club
10:51 PM on 01.14.2008


The various gangs, guards, restricted interaction, forming alliances, dodgy deals....Wiimote shanking, contraband, digging tunnels...slipping away after lights out and sneaking back to your cell before count...and finalizing your's all perfect fodder for stealthy sandboxy type funishment.

Over the years a few games have had prison-esque elements to them(Prisoner of War springs to mind), but they were mostly crappy. And it was a long time ago. Hardware limitations made them about as fun as finding a lump on your ball. So somebody. Make this hardcore prison game. All I ask is 200% percent of the gross and all the hookers I can stab.

Final thought - an MMO set in prison? Is it feasible?