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the vinny club
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More Kick Ass C64 Box Art

Some more kick ass C64 box art for your eyeholes. Reederei Reederei - re-der-eye (noun) Severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following symptoms: vague romantic feelings towards...



Nothing casual about this baby. It'll break every bone in your body while letting you play what is obviously the best game ever made - just look at that rain cloud! Courtesy of Lemon 64 - for all your c64 needs. Oh for anyone who's interested my record is available now. It's a concept album based on Rocky IV and probably the best thing ever made. You can check that shizzle out on my myspace.


Portal: Peter Molyneux edition?

Cool video(with shite sound) of Peter Molyneux fom the 2005 GDC. Not sure if Narbacular Drop had been released at this point but it's interesting to note the similarities between Valve's Portal and this demo...and also t...


prison games!!!!@

Somebody - MAKE A REALLY REALLY GOOD GAME SET IN PRISON The various gangs, guards, restricted areas...social interaction, forming alliances, dodgy deals....Wiimote shanking, contraband, digging tunnels...slipping away a...


About the vinny clubone of us since 10:08 AM on 01.10.2008

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I am a cybernetically enhanced human being. I have a SID chip for a heart and two tape decks for eyes. And a zip stick in my pants. Aside from my modifications, I can feel and love just as you unmodifieds can. Basically I'm the same as you, except I am completely invincible and I shoot laser beams. It's pretty cool.

My favourite games include:

Bruce Lee, Nexus, Cliffhanger, Law of the West, IK+, the Great Escape, Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo, Syndicate Wars, and Ico.


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