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I am the Man in the Orange Hat.

I play games. I play drums. I am the founder of FlashmobUF.

You've all witnessed this. A night playing some games with friends (side note: "Gamers with friends" just barely missed out for the topic of this post) when the Guitar Hero or Rock Band gets fired up. While you and your gaming cronies wail away in faux-rock stardom there's that one guy with the smirk (or grimace) watching you tap away furiously.

"Why don't you guys learn to play real guitar?!!??!"

It's true. For every die-hard Guitar Hero shredder and occasional riff tickler (trademark pending) there's the naysayer, the one who doesn't, or just doesn't want to, understand the fun these games offer.

This naysayer may actually play guitar or worse (or better depending on your sense of humor) doesn't play any type of music instrument. He or she will sit back and laugh at you with your plastic guitar in full power-rock stance while complaining about the silly looking avatars, the poorly done covers or both while you, God forbid, have fun.

Luckily, you can easily diffuse this situation. Next time you see this person playing Madden or Halo, ask them why they don't go join the NFL or Marines and watch them eat their own foot sandwich.

Also, first C-Blog post.