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12:59 AM on 11.24.2008

Venting at Nintendo

Mother-f Nintendo. They don't care about us guys who've been with them since the beginning. They have a new core, soccer moms. Middle aged soccer moms.

The NES was geared for kids 8 to 13, really played by guys 6-16. The SNES was gear for people who played an NES and wanted the next thing. And so was the N64 and the GameCube. The average age of the gamer increased every year. I was shock to learn the the age of the average gamer in 2003 was 24 and increased every year since. Now I'm not surprised. Gamers have matured and so have the games they play. Now that I think about it, the guys who wrote columns on simulation and war games where well in their 40's. Microsoft and Sony have reliably kept up. Someone tell Nintendo. Now, I under stand that the 8-13 crowd still need games of their own. I'm all for that. GTA and Call of Duty ain't for everyone. But this shovelware ain't fit even for them. Far too simple. And Wii Music?! It's not even a game. No goals, no scores, nothing. It's like I was designed for toddlers. In fact, one of my cousins bought a Wii for her toddler. But even though Wii Sports is dirt simple for most to learn, it's not for toddlers. He was more interested in swing the remote around then actually trying to win anything. I constantly fear him breaking something with it. Wii Music won't be for him. So that's the Wii Music in a nutshell from the reviews I've watched, too advanced for toddlers, too simple for anyone past the 3rd grade.

But Sony and Microsoft aren't off the hook yet either. Outside Viva Piņata, Little Big Planet, or Ratchet and Clank, which is questionable for their complexity. I can't think of anything of QUALITY or the 8 to 13 crowd. Just the usual shovelware movie tie-in game. The 360 and the PS3 have always been marketed as a big boy toy really meant for adults with incomes that care about expensive high def everything and micro transactions. XBOX 1 and PS2 where the force-du-jour for the college crowd and 360 and PS3 are for those same people now that they have jobs. That leaves the Wii representing for the kids that still rely on their parents to buy game. It was suppose to be the family game machine. But it's quickly ignoring the key demographic who have past puberty but not having had a midlife crisis yet.

I want new franchises for everyone, including the hardcore. As for Zelda, Metroid and Mario: Do Not Market Them as Hardcore. They are Nostalgia core. Pikmin had so much potential on the Wii. A console based RTS with a similar control scheme of a PC RTS.   read

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