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Quite possibly the best Castlevania swag ever.

I find this figure so awesome. This is how it went down: (Brother walks into EB Games, notices figure on cash register) Brother: Hey, Cool figure! How much are they? EB Games chick: This is a promo toy. We only got one, and it's for display. Do you want it? Brother: Sure. EB Games chick: Here you go (Hands figure over) Brother: Thanks EB Games chick: No problem The figure in question?


I got fired.

Gamespot can suck my balls. Go DIAF Gamespot! I'm gonna grind up your parent company and your advertisers and feed you them in chili! Aww yes, your tears taste so good! Yes! i can taste the failure! Mmmm, Gamespot! Also, I pulled a Wiisucks. That is all.


For Symmetry.

NUMERO 1: Destructoid went from a high-class personal escort to a corner street dollar whore: letting all the rif-raf in. It sucks. I don't want to sound like a baby, but I will anyway. Those who are new, honestly I doub...


MSPAINT-tacular 2: The revenge of MSPAINT-tacular

Same as last time! My brother stole my 360 so I'm bored as fuck (again). Bring me those ideas! Previous efforts: ZeroTolo: "Master Chief getting beat up by Dtoid:" "Dtoid as Master chief" Coonskin05 "Gaybear and Wiisucks prancing" "MGS4 boxart" Aerox: "Chad Concealmo the Dolphin king with his Dolphin bride" "FF7 vs Chrono Trigger"


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