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that1dood avatar 3:45 PM on 03.17.2009  (server time)
My New RPG Campaign

Okay, due to an apparent formatting issue with Chrome, I'm reposting this.

So lately, my frienda and I have been doing a lot of roleplaying. We just wrapped an epic Mutants and Masterminds campaign that was a ton of fun. Now, I've assembled a campaign based on D20 Modern / Future. It's been a lot of fun writing up a new campaign and so far it's been a blast running it. I've found that I actually really enjoy reading about other people's scenarios and roleplaying experiences, as do many of my friends.

So, I had an idea: Why not post recaps of the scenarios we run and the craziness that happened during them? So that's what I'm going to do. I would love for those of you who enjoy roleplaying as well, or even just Science Fiction in general would give feedback, tell me what you think what you would change, etc. If you're interested in running the campaign yourself, I keep all of the notes handy and I could email them to you if you wish! Even better!

To start, here's the general idea and history of the campaign, which I've named Alpha Centuari (WIP):

Alpha Centuari is based approximately 150 years in the future. After years of conflict and terrible wars, the Earth has finally emerged from the second Dark Age and united under one banner: The United Terran Alliance. An air of peace has fallen over the planet. Humanity's eyes have begun to gaze upwards to the skies, a new frontier, full of possibilities.

However, along with this 'Second Renaissance' comes the very real threat of over-population. After the end of World War 3, a baby boom the likes of which has never been seen before occurred. The population nearly doubled inside of 50 years from 10 billion to 18 billion people living in crowded cities around the world. Despite the reforesting efforts in the former Sahara Desert, and the ecological rebuilding of eastern Australia, the decrease in quality of life is a serious concern for the UTA.

In order to get a leg up on this potentially deadly issue, the UTA has assembled a team of scientists from around the world to go on a mission to research and determine the viability of a recently discovered exo-planet orbiting Tolimam (Alpha Centauri). They will be accompanied by a military escort on two ships named the Serenity and the Gekko, which are equipped with the brand new subluminal engine. Despite being able to travel at 99% lightspeed, the trip is scheduled to last approximately 13 years. It will take 6 years to travel to the planet (named Rigel 1), around 1 year to completely map out the planet, take atmospheric readings, weather patterns, as well as collect flora and fauna samples to be examined. Then another 6 years to return back to Earth.

The campaign begins when the PC's come out of cryogenic sleep in orbit around Rigel 1...

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