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12:34 PM on 08.12.2009

NetFlix Party on DSL

NetFlix streaming barely worked as it was on my little 1.5Mbps connection anyway, so I had very little expectations of it working when you add in voice support for the new party system. I'm glad to say it works fairly well.

Our party size was 3 people. I got booted from the party 3-4 times, but was easily and quickly able to rejoin within a minute. We watched movies and TV shows for a good 4-5 hours. For me, that's pretty good. Two of those kicks happened outside of movie watching. I was also surprised at how good the picture quality was during the watching.

Prior to this update I was getting 1 bar, and the movie was always degrade after the first 5 minutes. Stopping to buffer. An experience a lot of my friends have had, only their connections supported a much higher quality than mine. I'd go from blurry, to blurrier! The connection seems stronger now. While watching on my own things were much smoother and no more stopping to buffer.   read

12:22 AM on 08.11.2009

Weekend Game Update

Who knew the Batman: Arkham Asylum game would be so impressive? Well, I guess I understand all the media hype now. I recommend you give the demo a spin if you were like me and unsure of what the fuss is about.

I've got my "Tour of Duty II" completing the BF 1943 Achievements. Been playing that steadily throughout the week. Pretty much just that actually. I downloaded the Bad Company demo to give that another shot, but unfortunately the multiplayer portion doesn't seem to work any more. Makes sense since it's old, but I was hoping I wasn't the only one curious about it after '43. The single player is still laughably mediocre, but at the price you can get the game now I'm thinking it would be worth a spin in the absence of anything else. Very low priority.

I got Call of Duty 2 in the mail. It's very much a launch game. I can't say there's much of any difference compared to the version I had on PC. I think I was expecting too much. I hadn't played it on Veteran before, so I've just been doing that. Only 2 or 3 missions completed so far.

I still fall into the camp of "Halo sucks" but I've been playing through Halo 2 on PC, and Halo 3 (co-op). I'm near the end on both just about. I have to say it could be the worst game in the world, but let it be co-op and it's awesome. I'll be glad to move on from this and get back into Dead Space though.   read

12:01 PM on 08.04.2009

trash talk

How do you learn trash talk in your late 20s? I'm so behind the curve on LIVE. I find myself mumbling and making annoying random grunts and "ooohhhhh" sounds instead when I try to stay verbal. I'm very much a quiet focus on what I'm doing person. So how do I break that? Do I need to start randomly insulting people until it comes more naturally? Or am I just too old now?   read

1:01 PM on 08.03.2009

Weekend Game Update

Been playing through Sam & Max Season 1 this weekend. Just loved Episode 3, but Episode 4 was rather weak. About the only good thing about Episode 4 was the musical number. Loved 3 though. That had tons of really great moments.

In between that I started up The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. I think they've done some amazing work remaking that game, and I really hope they come through with at least remaking LeChuck's Revenge. I personally don't think Curse of Monkey Island needs to be remade really, but LeChuck's Revenge could totally shine with the new coat of paint and voice work.

I didn't actually get to much Battlefield 1943. I still love playing it and show no signs of tiring, but I was just drawn a bit more into the adventure games. I'm still only missing "Tour of Duty II" so far, but I'll get there soon. I know I've played a ton of matches already. I almost started playing Battlefield 2! Of course then I said to myself, why bother when I could play '43 instead? It's a better game.

I was thinking about picking up Call of Duty 3 and/or World at War for 360. While not up to the level of Infinity Ward's work, I'm sure they'd be entertaining enough for the budget prices I could pick them up for now. I should look around and see what I find. I'm sure CoD3 is practically being given away, but WAW may still be priced somewhat new. It's Activision after all.

I kind of dropped Dead Space and The Force Unleashed for the moment. I don't know what it is, but they just aren't holding my attention.   read

10:34 AM on 03.06.2009

SMT Love

Is it OK to be in love with all things Shin Megami Tensei even though I never have the time to finish them?


10:01 PM on 08.01.2008

Today my 360 got a RRoD

At least it's under warranty still. I bought it March 2006. It's been spotty since day one, so I'm hoping for smooth sailing once I get it back.

[embed]97813:21095[/embed]   read

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