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12:39 AM on 09.05.2009

I picked up Batman for myself this week. I didn't expect to have a ton of time to play it, but as (bad) luck would have it I got sick. I took some dinner to a broke, starving, and sick friend of mine while she was at work. I only saw her maybe twice in less than the time span of 5 minutes, but it was enough to pass the bug on. Ugh. Anyway, I ended up taking two days off work extending the holiday weekend even further. I also had to cancel all my plans since I couldn't just show up sick to them. Thus, gaming weekend! So I played through Arkham Asylum all the way through, and after struggling through some Challenges I'm up to 91% and 41 Trophies (I have the PS3 version). Not too bad. I started my Hard play through, though I doubt I can make it through. It's totally easy except for the combat. So I'm finding that I'm blasting through most of the game and getting stuck any time there's forced combat. I know how rough the forced combat will get later, and I'm just not seeing my skills up to it. I got a good chunk of the way through though. Instead I decided I should play something I've been meaning to finish for months.

And with that, yes, I finally got back to Dead Space. It seemed like I would forever distract myself with other games, but here it is. I played through Chapter 7 & 8 today. My plan is for a little more tomorrow. The game is still really creepy, and I love the very "The Thing" type monsters. Still every bit the fantastic game I remembered.

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