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Played through Fable TLC (on PC) this weekend. Got major pimped out near the end, but the game really skimps on the XP. Beat it, but not even close to maxed out. Had I known ahead of time I'd definitely have fixated on specific spells instead of balancing or wasting XP on some unhelpful stuff. The TLC stuff was rather cool actually. The game turned out better than I remembered it. I used to own the OG Fable on Xbox. Got as far as The Twinblades Camp story mission before getting bored. Traded it in for some other game ( It got better much later on as I played it this go around with the PC version. I may even get Fable II at this point. I enjoyed the "Episode" (which is really more like a demo IMO) and the improvements are nice additions. It's not a great game at all really, but I enjoyed fooling around with it as I got more powerful.

Now I am playing Jade Empire SE (on PC). Never owned the game. Played very little of it before, but it was always really awful to me. Something I'm noticing now that I never did before is the combat. It's not real-time in the way I had always thought of it. It really seemed like it was for a long time, but really it's almost turn based. You press the button and he performs the move. There's a cool-down, and in some cases a charging before execution. Button mashing will get you killed very easily in most cases because you're always playing rock/paper/scissors with the AI. You have to be very intricate with your attacks, and your dodging. Sadly, the 360 pad on PC isn't as responsive on this game as it should be. I don't know if it had this problem on Xbox but my dodges rarely register. I'd prefer it was a button instead of a double tap with how much it's getting me killed. I've died quite a bit. Still, I am seeing more in the game now than I had before (starting Chapter 3 now). I'm enjoying myself when I'm not fighting, but it my opinion is still rather low. I'm not usually a yeller, but I've screamed at the game 3 times already and I fear for my controllers.

Not sure what title I'll pick up after this one in my backlog. I just got really tired of all the FPS I'd been playing. Chances are this is it. I'll have Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend soon, and will have no desire to play older things again.

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