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Operation Rainfall was a perfect opportunity for Nintendo to show their support for the core gamer ahead of the WiiU to help build back some of the cred they lost over the last couple years but they decided to act like Nintendo. Which is to say they decided to act like douche bags.
Xenoblade, when it's released in Europe, will already be in a state that would allow Nintendo to release it in America with very little fuss so why would they choose to not release it here in the US? Because they continue to not care one little bit about the core, devoted, gamer that made their company what it is today. They would have never had the resources to make the Wii if those of us who loved and played their consoles in the past hadn't spent so much money on them. They have only further soiled their already tarnished name with this condescending announcement: "Thanks so much for your passion, and for being such great fans!" But passion and dedication ARE NOT ENOUGH in Nintendo's eyes. You also need a big fat profit margin. Now I'm not blind to the business that is gaming and I know they are out to make money but Nintendo needs to realize that good business also involves good PR. And PR extends to more then just the bullshit statements they throw out to try and make people happy. PR also happens with the products they release. This could have been a shinning love letter to their fans but right now Nintendo's PR is giving all of us one big middle finger hidden behind a shit-eating grin.
I am making a stand right here and now. If they do not release these games in America I WILL NOT buy a WiiU because I can only consider this to be the foreshadowing of how they will continue to handle their new console.

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