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teknomcr avatar 2:00 AM on 01.22.2014  (server time)
Indie Dev Adventures: Marketing

Having your own indie game company is amazing right?  Well, yes and no.  Mostly yes, though.  With a shoestring budget (if any at all), you don't have the funds to spend on a marketer/social media person, so you have to pick up the slack where you can.  Which brings me to sucks (but extremely necessary).

I'm Mike Moreno and one of the cofounders of Bearded Man Studios.  We started up with some self funding, motivation, and a dream.  The team at the time started working on our first game, Word Lab, a 3D puzzle word game which we released to Android/iOS and recently Windows Phone 8.  We had a marketing guy on the team at that time and we really didn't have any marketing in place other than a write up in a Philippine blog at release.  Needless to say, WL didn't get much attention and friends and family were the biggest advertisers for us.  While I can't say I wasn't bummed it didn't do better, if we had a marketing strategy in place and got the word out, more people would have played.  And honestly, it just felt awesome to see/hear people enjoying it.  I even got to get the sound design from a fellow Dtoider Naia-the-gamer.


Now, our second game, Warp 5 Overdrive, an infinite space retro shooter is pretty close to being done and I have taken over most of the marketing/social media stuff on top of programming/iOS testing.  I am working on a teaser trailer, made some pretty fun flyers to send out as a press kit, even built a screen printing press to make shirts to get our name/logo out there.  Holy crap y'all, marketing is a full time job.  I semi-enjoy it but at the same time it's pulling me away from programming or testing or coming up with ways to make the game more fun.  One of the more awesome ideas for marketing (and a personal dream) was building the W5O arcade machine that I used at my school's portfolio show to show off my games.


Hopefully the effort and time spent on marketing for Warp 5 Overdrive will be worth it and be more of a success than Word Lab.  It also has some cool jams by this guy.

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