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teknomcr avatar 1:29 PM on 06.18.2010  (server time)
Gentlemanly Flying Monkey

But what the hell does that mean? Well, it's actually what I summoned in Super Scribblenauts to make a witch get out of a line in front of a video game store (btw that didn't work)! The rules were that you couldn't cut the line or harm an innocent. Besides that damn witch, the other people in line were a: delivery man, rocker, soldier, bodybuilder, and barbarian. I was able to breeze by all but the barbarian and witch. The barbarian didn't take the sword (regular and flaming), shield, nor the ferret. He did take the polka dotted horse though!

The control with the stylus was a bit better than the first game, although I did keep accidentally cutting line when I was trying to remove items that weren't making the characters get out of line. The ability to switch to the D-pad for movement made me super happy, because using the stylus to move used to frustrate me!

I asked the demo rep what the new features were in the game, and she told me that the character count was increased, more nouns and adjectives were added, and you can add the word "pregnant" to say the word, "zombie", and at some point the zombie would give birth. So I gave it a try and put the words "pregnant zombie" in the notebook, and not too long after the zombie was chasing me, did it stop, drop a little zombie out, and both chased me. It was awesome.

I figured out how to get everyone out of the way except the witch. I tried a wand, magic wand, warlock, good witch, black cat, and none of that worked (that I could tell). I got frustrated because I kept accidentally cutting the line, so I decided to check out some other games before E3 closed. The rep told me that the wand should have worked, and that there may have been a bug. Hopefully that bug gets worked out!

I enjoyed playing the first Scribblenauts and while it had some issues from making it a great game, the developers seemed to have honed in and worked on fixing them. Now with all the new possibilities added to Super Scribblenauts, there could be a veritable cornucopia of ways to best the puzzles that are thrown at you.

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