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teknomcr avatar 8:43 PM on 03.27.2013  (server time)
Breaking my GDC cherry

So my first time at GDC has been exciting, anxiety causing, and emotionally overwhelming (I can be a bit dramatic at times...we'll get back to that). I've already met some amazing people (and reintroduced to Dale North and Jayson Napolitano) and hope to continue to meet even more. There have already been times that I have lost my way around the show floor trying to find another Dtoider (Naia-the-gamer). She graciously accompanied me around so I wasn't alone.

The emotionally overwhelming part of being here is that the slap-in-the-face moment came and I realized that I'm a PART of this industry. I've always felt that when I made the choice to go to school for game programming that my main goal was to bring enjoyment to others via games that I created/helped create. I can remember being younger and playing my games, since there were not so good kids to hang around with, and my NES was basically my best friend. My best friend also helped bring me together with my family, and that was especially awesome because it gave me time with them that we probably wouldn't have had. One of the last memories of my grandpa before his health began to fail, was he and I playing Wii Sports Bowling. That was the first time I was able to play a game with him because playing with a controller was too complicated. So yeah, that's the emotional part.

Being a Dtoid community member has brought some special people into my life and given me inspiration to go after my dream. Thanks, Destructoid, and all of you guys and gals that make up the community. Y'all are awesome, and I hope soon you'll be able to get some enjoyment from our games.

And if y'all wanna check us out, we are

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