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    Haven't heard to much about this since newsof it first broke...but I've been looking forward to the Korg DS-10 Synthesizer.

    According to Play Asia it's set to come out in Japan on July 25th.

    Did I preorder it?

    You bet your sweet ass I did!!!


    The California Extreme Website has just been updated!

    A whole weekend of free to play Classic Arcade games.

    You can check out my post for more information by pushing the nerd hoggin up the twilight zone pinball machine out of your way so someone else can get some time with the silver ball.

    A few sites have reported that several big name publishers will not be going to E3 this year...worse yet they're dropping the ESA all together!

    Oogle these boothbabes to get my take:

    So I finally started up my blogger blog in earnest. I'm slooowly porting over all my MySpace blog posts so I can put that one to bed.

    For those of you on here who are my friends and want to keep up with more than just my video game playing habits I suggest you check it out. Once I get the pod cast up and running I'm going to try to publish it through there as well (anyone else want to get in on the ground floor...let me know I'm looking for a couple of interested parties to be on the show...we'll see where it goes.

    Anyway to whet your appetite I'm going post the huge bunch of pictures I took at E3 2006...yeah I know it's a little dated...but might be interesting to see what I saw as an "industry insider" and it was technically the birthday of Destructoid so it's relavant.


    Alright, let's get the justifications out of the way first. I know that Destructoid is a Video Game blog...but I think that as gamers most of us like games in all forms. Be it good old fashioned D&D or Trivial Pursuit or Poker or pinball or whatever, so I think there's room for "gaming related" posts. And that's what this is going to be.

    Neatorama has a fascinating article up today about the history of the crossword puzzle. In fact they have also posted the world's first ever crossword puzzle which was written by Arthur Wayne and published in the New York World magazine in 1913.

    Now I'm a big Crossword fan, going so far as buying the New York times Crossword Puzzle game for the DS. Which if you have a big commute and have maxed out all the classes in Puzzle Quest, is a highly recommended DS time passer.

    The most fascinating thing about this post is the sense of Deja Vu I got when reading about the so called "Crossword Craze" of the 1920s. Take the following excerpt:

    Some folks were driven over the edge by the craze. In 1924, a Chicago woman sued her husband for divorce, claiming "he was so engrossed in solving crosswords that he didn’t have time to work." The judge ordered the man to "limit himself to 3 puzzles a day and devote the rest of his time to domestic duties." In 1925, a New York Telephone Co. employee shot his wife when she wouldn’t help with a crossword puzzle. And in 1926, a Budapest man committed suicide, leaving an explanation in the form of a crossword puzzle. (No one could solve it.) Eventually, the craze died down. It took The New York Times to revive it.

    It's like EverCrack wives and Chinese MMO-ers skipping bathroom breaks but 80 years ago.

    It's so interesting to see how the more things change the more things stay the same. It's like now a days if you heard someone talking about "crossword addiction" it'd be laugable. Here's hoping that in 80 years the idea of "video game addiction" and "video games teaching you to kill" will seem just as quaint to our grandkids as this article is to us today.

    Over the weekend, while cleaning the kitchen, I finally got around to listening to a couple of episodes of retrogaming radio.

    This show is so great. It has extremely in depth editorials (such things as "what was the greatest "pack in game" ever?") and well reasoned reviews of retro games and of course virtual console / XBLA / PSN releases.

    Each episodes also includes a couple of segments that I found to be totally fascinating and unlike anything I'd heard on other retro gaming themed podcasts.

    The first is called "hardware flashback". In the show I listened to it had this old timer from somewhere in the south judging by his accent who went on for about a half hour discussing the intricacies of restoring old pinball machines. Totally fascinating. I mean this is all information that exists on the internet in some form or another, but this was the first time I'd heard it presented in such an informed and passionate manner. I could have listened to a two hour pod cast with just this guy going on about the difference between the audio interfaces of williams pinball machines verses stern pinball machines. Just amazing.

    The second segment was called "Chasing the Chuck Wagon" and is a reference to the obscure Atari 2600 cartridge that was a Purina Dog Chow adver-game released in the early 80s which is now something of a collectors item. This segment is presided over by a collector from southern california who not only goes over his recent finds at swap meets and yard sales...but also puts these items up for bid on his web site. And not some exorbitant ebay prices either, this guy sells these items for the swap meet prices he paid for them. For instance he was selling a color dreams game which he claims would fetch 100 bucks on ebay for the five dollars he bought it for. Bottom line, that is awesome. A retro gamer collector who appreciates collecting and community over hoarding and making a fast buck. Just really really admirable.

    Towards those ends I thought I'd link to this guys website Chasing the Chuck Wagon (dot) com. There's not a lot up there right now, but there are a few retro game items, like a Saturn system and some older Atari games.

    I just really like the idea of a site for buying and selling retro games that isn't filled with the speculative bullshit you see on ebay. God knows I wouldn't mind picking up a couple old Atari games here and there if I didn't have to pay out the ass for them. Hopefully traffic for this site will pick up and we'll start seeing some good games coming through this site.

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