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teknohed avatar 2:37 PM on 01.13.2009  (server time)
Retro Gaming Radio is dead. Long live Retro Gaming Roundup

A while
back I
an article about the new retro game auciton site
Chase the Chuckwagon.

Well, turns out that the guy who runs that site,
SoCal Mike the web master at Chase the
Chuckwagon will be
launching a new podcast called
Retro Gaming Roundup which will
replace the recently discontinued Retro Gaming Radio of which Mike
used to contribute his Chasing the Chuckwagon segments.

Retro Gaming Rondup will include segments by So Cal Mike who will continue relating his exploits searching
for retro games at Southern California swap meets as well as the fascinating "Hardware Flashback" by Scott
Schreiber. Schreiber's flashbacks are about a half an hour of "hard science" desciption of retro gaming
hardware, how it works, how to maintain it, where to find it. It is a great listen for anyone interested in
collecting and mainatining old machines. The last contributor will be a Mike James from the UK. I'm not familiar
with MIke, but given that Retro Gaming Radio had a bit of a North American Bias it'll be good to hear from
someone who remembers the Genesis as the Mega Drive.

I know that Dtoid has a good retro podcast, but I think that there is plenty of room on your ipod for this one as
well. This one is really different from "RetroForce Go1" in two ways. The first is that Retroforce Go's hosts
are a bit younger so most of their discussions center around games from the late 80s and on. Retro Gaming
Round up will likely discuss a lot of older Arcade and 1st and 2nd Gen consoles as well. And secondly there
is a lot of "Technical" stuff on Retro Gaming Round Up that you won't find on Retro Force Go. I'm not being
critical of either...just pointing out how they can compliment each other in your podcast listening.

Anyway check it out. The first podcast will be posted in Feb.

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