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Sex and games...here we go again.

Does anyone remember the sex scene in DarkWatch. It seemed like such a revolutionary thing at the time. As tame as it was, it was lot more graphic than Mass Effect or even "Hot coffee", but you never really heard a flap a...


Korg DS-10 Synth release date announced.

Haven't heard to much about this since newsof it first broke...but I've been looking forward to the Korg DS-10 Synthesizer. According to Play Asia it's set to come out in Japan on July 25th. Did I preorder it? You bet your sweet ass I did!!! NICE!!!!


E3...dead for reals this time?

A few sites have reported that several big name publishers will not be going to E3 this year...worse yet they're dropping the ESA all together! Oogle these boothbabes to get my take:


Breaking free from MySpace...

So I finally started up my blogger blog in earnest. I'm slooowly porting over all my MySpace blog posts so I can put that one to bed. For those of you on here who are my friends and want to keep up with more than just my vi...


Come n' Get yer retro game rarities!

Over the weekend, while cleaning the kitchen, I finally got around to listening to a couple of episodes of retrogaming radio. This show is so great. It has extremely in depth editorials (such things as "what was the great...


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