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Some games that i have spent some considerable time enjoying in almost no order:

Super Contra
Super Mario Bros 2
The Goonies 2 *
River City Ransom *
Ninja Gaiden
Kid Niki
Rockin Kats *
Double Dragon
FUCK Battletoads btw

Final Fantasy 6 *
Legend of Zelda
LoZ: A Link to the Past *
Loz: Wind waker *
Chrono Trigger *
Super Mario Kart
Super Metroid *
U.N. Squadron *
Donkey Kong Country (one of the best soundtracks ever) **
Super Mario Land
Adventure Island
Bomberman series (mostlyish)
Contra 3 *
Super Ghosts & Goblins

Sonic & Knuckles
Golden Axe 2 & 3 *
Streets of Rage 2
Gunstar Heroes
Rocket Knight

Bonk's Adventure

Destruction Derby
Tobal No. 1 *
Bloody Roar
Einhander *
Red Faction
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night **
Resident Evil 2

Burnout 3
Shadow of the Colossus **
Breath of Fire 5: Dragon Quarter
Silent Hill 2 *
Contra: Shattered Soldier *

Jet Set Radio Future **
Marvel vs Capcom 2... and sort of 3 *
San Francisco Rush 2049 *
NFL Blitz *

Contra: Hardcorp Uprising
Street Fighter 2 turbo hyper tiger uppercut
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter 4
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken 3 & 6
Soul Calibur 2 & 4 *
Wipeout XL, 2097, and Fury

Resident Evil 1 remake for GC *
Resident Evil 4 for GC *
Super Mario Sunshine (Fuck off, it was brilliant) *

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World *
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
God of War 3
PacMan Championship Edition

Borderlands 2 *
Call of Duty (WW2 ones)
Battlefield 2
Super Meat Boy *
Amnesia: The Dark Descent *
Team motherfuckin Fortress 2 ***
Serious Sam series *
Portal series *
Left 4 Dead series *
Half life series
Space Quest series (especially 4) *
Police Quest series *
Kings Quest series
Monkey Island series *
Dead Space 1 & 2 *
TCOR: Escape From Butcher Bay
Plants Vs Zombies
Shatter *
Painkiller *
Mirrors Edge *
Doom series (esp doom 2)
Aliens Vs Predator 2 (the good one) *
Minecraft *
Starcraft (the first ones)

okay, fuck, ill think of more later.
*'d for awesomeness.
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In my sad and futile attempt to complete all the games on my steam list (I hate/love you, TF2), I have devised what some may call "a plan," and what others may call "a drunken whim." I must complete some of these games before my tragic, laughably short life comes to an end, and to that effect, I implore my fellow dtoiders to help me out. Every so often, I will spit out a list of games, and I will ask you which you'd like me to complete. After I do so, I will give you my skewed view on the whole experience (some people call these reviews. I, however, refer to them as personal insights to one's own in/sanity)

after much (little) consideration, and liberal use of parentheses, I give you, my fellow dtoiders, the fate of my next playthrough. I will try my hardest to keep each batch of games similar enough so as to not get genre fanboys to (de)cry things like "FPS, FPS!" (also, I will attempt to keep my generous usage of quotes to a "minimum"). I'd like to start it out simple, so we are going to go with sidescrollers for the first run.

1. Cave Story +
2. Dustforce
4. The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
5. Rocket Knight
6. The Bleed Pixels
7. CQ Sideway
8. Sonic 4: Episode 1
9. Super Meat Boy
10. Tobe's Vertical Adventure

EDIT: Due to Super Crate Box and Shoot Many Robots not technically having "endings," (I know, there I go again with the quotes. wait...) they have been replaced with They Bleed Pixels and Super Meat Boy.

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