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First off I've been gone in RL too long. Second I have no PC not even something from 99. Third help this guy sell music that isn't mainstream hip hop. http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/tank-intermission-the-mixtape-mixtape.45938.html pick this shit up on the real. Uber out.

1:02 AM on 04.19.2012

This is how we do it.

3:39 PM on 09.13.2009

My friend Amelia got this tat the other day, thought it was blog worthy.

Name all the mushrooms in the comments and you get a gold star.

I miss you guys.

What would satisfy you more?

A Hot N Spicy McChicken?


A Big Ass BK Burger.

1. Go to your local Burger King.
2. Order a Triple Steakhouse XT 3 Cheese Burger.
3. Make sure they understand what you want.
4. Joke with the cashier. (The guy told me i couldn't finish it there and if I did he'd buy me a free one. I did and
then got my friend one.)
6. For kicks: Go back to the counter and order a dutch apple pie.

Limit one burger a day.


Special Note: Same hand used in both pictures for size comparison.

3:29 PM on 03.16.2009

Are you legal yet?

...and started having lots of sex.