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As some of you may recall, my 360 went belly up roughly 10 days ago. This really disappointed me, as from all of the stories that I have heard, it can take months to get a working console back from the lovely folks at Microsoft.

I was treated to a lovely surprise this morning, when I was awoken by the sound of my doorbell. I gazed out the window and noticed a Purolator truck sitting there. I live with my parents, so I assumed that this was simply a delivery to one of them, but then I noticed that it was addressed to me! A flash of excitement shot through me as my sleepy brain attempted to connect the events together... Could my 360 be back already? It's only been 7 days (including a weekend) since I shipped it out!

I signed electronically for the white box, and proceeded to rip it open. My hopes had been confirmed, I am the proud owner of a newly refurbished console.

Despite the fact that the 360 has a failure rate somewhere around 35%, I am extremely impressed by not only the customer service provided to me, but at the astounding turn around time for repairs on my console. I work in for a big-box electronics retailer, and having something taken, tested, replaced, and shipped back to the customer in under a week is unheard of.

Thank you Microsoft.


360 replaced in a week.

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