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I have a pretty decent rig, but i want to fit in with all the other cool kids who posted their rigs already.

Intel Core 2 Duo e6300
Gigabyte 965P-Ds3 Rev 3.3
2 gb OCZ Platinum ram (pc6400)
500gb seagate barracuda, 250gb maxtor, 160 gb random WD, +500gb generic external hdd.
5.1 Surround sound, Plus the windows remote thingy so i dont even have to stand up while watching movies etc.

Theres the big black box with blue LED's... just like everyone else has.

Note the dtoid and PAX stickers.

24" Benq, runs 1920x1200... has hdmi/component/composite/s-video/dvi/vga inputs.

Theres my 360, Dreamcast (which always has ikaruga in it) and my gamecube. My ps2 sits in my living room because it has a tendency to be attached to DDR mats, and theres no space in my tiny room for flailing about.

'Fess up, I know it was one of you.

Since it's not bad enough that Miguel has become a mini-meme of his own, you guys have to advertise our site on -that- website?

I still lol everytime I see dtoid popup over there.

calvin, you are hotness and all, but i hope that picture was posted there by someone from dtoid.

nudity is not something you want to get internet famous for lol.

9:02 PM on 12.10.2007

Has my formerly favourite podcast been completely abandoned?

Podtoid used to be an incredible podcast, often long and rambling, but never ceasing to amuse. I know Nex is gone now, but there hasn't been a new podtoid since November 2nd. I often long for the hey-day of podtoid, with an all star cast: Summa, Ron, Nex, Mr. Linde, Collette, hell even Niero showed up.

These days I find myself turning to other outlets for my portable videogame audio... Cheapy D is a great guy and all, but the CAGcast just isn't the same.

I for one would love to see the triumphant return of Podtoid and its endless lulz.

As some of you may recall, my 360 went belly up roughly 10 days ago. This really disappointed me, as from all of the stories that I have heard, it can take months to get a working console back from the lovely folks at Microsoft.

I was treated to a lovely surprise this morning, when I was awoken by the sound of my doorbell. I gazed out the window and noticed a Purolator truck sitting there. I live with my parents, so I assumed that this was simply a delivery to one of them, but then I noticed that it was addressed to me! A flash of excitement shot through me as my sleepy brain attempted to connect the events together... Could my 360 be back already? It's only been 7 days (including a weekend) since I shipped it out!

I signed electronically for the white box, and proceeded to rip it open. My hopes had been confirmed, I am the proud owner of a newly refurbished console.

Despite the fact that the 360 has a failure rate somewhere around 35%, I am extremely impressed by not only the customer service provided to me, but at the astounding turn around time for repairs on my console. I work in for a big-box electronics retailer, and having something taken, tested, replaced, and shipped back to the customer in under a week is unheard of.

Thank you Microsoft.


360 replaced in a week.