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tehArtist's blog

7:15 PM on 12.03.2007

Mr. Indecisive Finally makes a choice in a permanent Gamer Tag….

I know a lot of you have been fusing at me for changing my GamerTag every 30 days to avoid purchasing an XBL subscription. I have finally done it, I now finally have a permanent GamerTag and 1 year subscription to the XBL ser...   read

3:17 PM on 11.21.2007

Coming Soon: GamerWhore v3.0

Greetings out there Dtoid Nation.... Long time no cblog out there my robot brothers and sisters! As most of you know, I have fallen into that abiss known as XBL over the past few weeks and have all but disappeared from the t...   read

2:58 PM on 10.23.2007

GamerWhore Delayed until further NOTICE!!!! *tehArtist got a 360 Edition*

Greetings out there dtoid nation... Well, as many of you already know, I purchased a 360 today, and well. GamerWhore is going to be falling to the wayside at least until I catch up on all that 360 greatness I have lived wit...   read

9:19 AM on 10.23.2007

THE QUEST IS OVER!!!: The Day of Reckoning is upon you! *UPDATED*

Greetings out there Dtoid Nation... The one and only tehArtist has finally ended his quest for an xbox 360. This morning I call the local wal-martz and lo and behold, they actually have a 360 Holiday Bundle(all stores had b...   read

10:09 PM on 10.16.2007

Void your PS3 Warranty with a Surge Protector == Epic Fail

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation... I ran across this little tidbit of info on MaxConsole. I don't know how true this is. However, if it is true, Sony can just go fuck themselves, this is one of the MANY reasons I won't be buying the PS3.   read

9:08 PM on 10.16.2007

GamerWhore v2.0 - She's back and Younger than ever. *NSFW EDITION Featuring Ron Workman*

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation By popular demand, GamerWhore v2.0 is now here! I know in the first GamerWhore posting I said it would be the only one. However after some changes to the way I have done it, and ...   read

9:29 PM on 10.15.2007

Top 10 Reasons to Give tehArtist a *WORKING* Xbox360

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation.. I'm rather bored, and not much is going on in the IRC tonight, so I thought I would just do something completely and utterly stupid. If you aren't into random stupid begging, t...   read

8:56 AM on 10.15.2007

No B.S. Ways to get Government Grants!

You wouldn't believe all of the easy way to get free money from the US government. * business * child care * health Care * personal grants to attend U.S. Colleges * 1st time home buyers/owners * ed...   read

12:38 AM on 10.15.2007

Random Smoking Crab *30 Seconds of your life you can't get back*

Just because I'm bored and found this amusing... Hope you enjoyed   read

10:06 PM on 10.14.2007

Guitar Hero III comes to PC and Mac

Greetings once again out there Dtoid Nation... is reporting that Guitar Hero III is also going to be coming to the Mac. This could be very good news for the PC and Mac communities, as you know that there will b...   read

4:44 PM on 10.13.2007

Maple Story TV Ad

I saw this ad late last night during a rerun of SouthPark, I thought that Maple story sucked. However, the ad is rather random and only slightly funny, ok, it's stupid. But still, why would they invade TV to advertise a game that sucks this bad.   read

11:24 AM on 10.12.2007

Theory, Propaganda, and Random Bullshit *SSBB Delay*

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation As everyone knows the Nintendo Wii has some great games coming to table this Holiday season with titles such as Batallion Wars 2, Mario Galaxy, and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Unf...   read

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