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tehArtist's blog

7:15 PM on 12.03.2007

Mr. Indecisive Finally makes a choice in a permanent Gamer TagÖ.

I know a lot of you have been fusing at me for changing my GamerTag every 30 days to avoid purchasing an XBL subscription. I have finally done it, I now finally have a permanent GamerTag and 1 year subscription to the XBL service.

For those of you who care, and wish to know, my new GamerTag is iDano84. I have already sent friend requests to a lot of you. As you know I burn it up during Friday Night Fights playing some Call of Duty 4 and on rare occasions Halo3.

Just wanted to give all you FNF regulars the heads up that this isnít just Ďanother changeí itís a permanent change to this GamerTag. Thanks for your patience in my slow and cheap ass process of getting the 1 year subscription. See you in the game.

GT: iDano84   read

3:17 PM on 11.21.2007

Coming Soon: GamerWhore v3.0

Greetings out there Dtoid Nation....

Long time no cblog out there my robot brothers and sisters! As most of you know, I have fallen into that abiss known as XBL over the past few weeks and have all but disappeared from the tubes.

I'm here for now to let you know that I'm back and in full swing, and GamerWhore v3.0 is underway, and WILL be ready for your viewing pleasure of your turkey induced coma weekend.

So if you are a horny little schoolboy looking for some erotic action with a 24 y/o hot blonde gamer from [insert city]. I would advise you to avoid the sex personals for the next 24-36 hours, or you could possibly fall victum to the next epic installment in the series known as GamerWhore!

As always have a great day!

And Happy Gaming!

Notice: No Turkey's will be harmed in the production of GamerWhore v3.0 this Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend   read

2:58 PM on 10.23.2007

GamerWhore Delayed until further NOTICE!!!! *tehArtist got a 360 Edition*

Greetings out there dtoid nation...

Well, as many of you already know, I purchased a 360 today, and well. GamerWhore is going to be falling to the wayside at least until I catch up on all that 360 greatness I have lived without for so long. I know I had planned to do another one this week, but Gaming comes first. If anyone would like to take over the GamerWhore V3 for this week, please contact me.

I would also like to say again, since Necros commented in IRC about it, the chances of getting a falcon in the Holiday Bundle are very high. I got one, (lot no 737). So if you have been holding off, the bundle is a great option. You get yourself a copy of Forza2 which I love, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance which I haven't played yet.

Did I mention I have also picked up Halo3.

So if you guys are lookin for someone to shoot in halo3 or to race in Forza2, hit me up. GamerTag: tehArtist

As always have a great evening Dtoid Nation

and Happy Gaming!   read

9:19 AM on 10.23.2007

THE QUEST IS OVER!!!: The Day of Reckoning is upon you! *UPDATED*

Greetings out there Dtoid Nation...

The one and only tehArtist has finally ended his quest for an xbox 360. This morning I call the local wal-martz and lo and behold, they actually have a 360 Holiday Bundle(all stores had been out and said they wouldn't be getting any for a while). To My surprise, it's lot #737 and no copper heat pipe is in site. (High probability of this being a falcon.)

The day of Reckoning is upon dtoids FNF extravaganza's. tehArtist is joining the fight, and will decimate all...well, not really, I'm sure I suck.

The New quest item: Halo3/Gears of War/1 Year xbl Gold Sub... LOL, I only had enough for the holiday bundle for 350$ which included Forza 2 and Ultimate Alliance. Anyone who would like to donate a copy of Halo3, feel free. I will even reimburse you shipping and send you a copy of Jericho (if i win the contest LOL).

None the less Dtoid Nation, if you all want to hit me up for some Forza2, I will be more than willing to play some. (just as soon as I set up XBL that is, I've not even hooked up the console yet, so lets hope that it's not a brick! HAHA!)

Anyway, as always, Have a great day Dtoid Nation,

and Happy Gaming!

my Gamertag for now is tehArtist   read

10:09 PM on 10.16.2007

Void your PS3 Warranty with a Surge Protector == Epic Fail

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation...

I ran across this little tidbit of info on MaxConsole. I don't know how true this is. However, if it is true, Sony can just go fuck themselves, this is one of the MANY reasons I won't be buying the PS3.   read

9:08 PM on 10.16.2007

GamerWhore v2.0 - She's back and Younger than ever. *NSFW EDITION Featuring Ron Workman*

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation

By popular demand, GamerWhore v2.0 is now here! I know in the first GamerWhore posting I said it would be the only one. However after some changes to the way I have done it, and a few more extra precautions, I now bring you GamerWhore v2.0. This time I bring you the quest of a sometimes 16 y/o, sometimes not a 16y/o gamer whore who is a bisexual and looking for a little NSA fun attached on ye ole Craigslist.

After combing through the mass amounts of cock shots I received, I'm bringing you a best of to this Epic series. Also keep in mind, specifics have been edited out and photo's have been photo shopped to obscure the identity of the truly stupid for their own sake.

So without any further banter, I am proud to present to you, the best of the best from GamerWhore V2.0!!

Our first candidate

After the many airings of Chris Hansens' 'to Catch a predator'. You would think that many more people would be more careful about the types of ads they replied to online. Keep in mind, that with the craigslist posting, I never actually stated my age, I saved that for the first email. To My surprise a few people were actually STILL interested after I revealed my age.

His first message

Well I am older than you asked for but figured why not at least say hello. I am 42, in Louisville, 5-11, 190#'s with light brown hair and blue eyes. Hope to hear back from you. Name Edited

My Reply

When it comes to just fucking, I'm not very specific on age hehe.

I'm 16 and actually live near Elk Creek.

His Reply
Well, now that I've gotten up off the floor I'd have to say I'm game. Not real sure where elk creek is though. I've attached a picture

My Reply
It's just slightly south of Louisville in Bullitt county. What would you invision as your perfect evening with me? hehe. As you can imagine (because i'm fucking hawt), I've had alot of responses, so why not spice it up a bit and give me a reason not to just forget you exist. (i'm also slightly dominant, does it show?) You should'nt be floored. All women have needs, and I'm one of them, most girls just would never admit it that they want it as bad as you do. I have a higher than normal sexual appetite however.

His Reply
Well I'd be perfectly willing to pick you up somewhere and let you have your way with me. It would involve alot of me nibbling, rubbing, and eating you, before finding out how many positions we could accomplish. I do very much enjoy oral and sex from the bottom position.

My Reply
You want to fuck me in a car? I'm not some fucking tralior park hoooker for fucks sakes!

His Final Reply
No, back to my place

This guy is bold to say the least. I don't honestly believe he has seen an episode of 'To Catch a Predator'. I don't really know whats more disturbing, the bright yellow shirt or the fact that the guy is soo cheap that he is drinking diet Dollar Store brand cola. He could at least be classy enough to spring for the Wal-Mart brand of cola Sams Choice. He didn't seem to be too impressed with the licking photo, as he never commented on it, however, I'm sure his gears were truly turning in that thick head of his.

Rated Most Disturbing

This guy actually also sent along a cockshot I felt no need to share with you guys. It was actually rather disturbing, because it appears he truly has no balls! If you just must have the cock shot, I at least need a good photo of ron workman to paste on it to keep it rated R for censorship purposes. Update: I got a workable photo of Mr. Workman. On a side note, I didn't really need rons entire picture, but put it there for dramatic effect, this guy was an inch shy of being his mothers favorite daughter.

His Initial Response to my ad

im lookin for someone to come over, hang out and play a game or two. then suck my hard cock and fuck til the end of the night.

My Reply

how about going a little more in depth about yourself, like how old ya are. and a little more than you just want a BJ? My self, you have seen my pic and I'm a 16/ are you soo sure I'm gonna be the one doing the sucking? My warm wet pussy is in need of some rought tounge service.

Unfortunately, I never got a reply from this guy, at least I haven't as of the time of this writing. I don't know what disturbed me more. The fact that he thinks a hot chick on the internet wants to see his penis, OR, he actually thinks a hot chick on the internet would ACTUALLY be interested in him.

Some of the cheesiest crap I've ever seen!

So far, louisville on craigslist hasn't been that great of a place. I need to probably focus on smaller towns, those seem to have the most interesting people, so I truly appologise. None the less, lets move on to guy number 3. This guy is just very long winded. He doesn't really say alot, however, he did send me yet another ron+photoshop+cockshot=opportunity. I'm sure the repercussions of me picking on ron so much to this point will be fierce. However, I'm sure we will settle things in dukes of hazzard fashion by brawling it out down at the local boars nest then both sleeping with the first daisy duke we come across.

His one and only...epilog?

His one and only message to me, since I chose not to reply, and feared that the internet would crash from his long winded 1970's style pickup lines

Wow I am stunned maybe Im captivated, I dunno but you are gorgeous.What a ad I found on Craigs list today (yours silly girl). Then when I looked at your pic something bad happened, I hit my damn head on my monitor trying to get a better view. Ok so Im just a little stupid, I think it;s genetic. Your smile and your eyes have left a lump in the middle of my forehead, should I call 911?Thats why Im responding to your ad, I am more than intrigued by you, in fact I find myself completely captivated.My name is EDITED, (no dammit not the cable guy) Im a southern boy born and raised in Kentucky and played football at University of Tennessee. My values are based one integrity, honesty, and making the most of everyday and every minute. I don39;t waiver on my morals or ethics in business or in my personal life. Im a professional, work as a Publisher for a major newspaper group.I just moved to EDITED, from EDITED, like 4 days ago. I absolutely love it so far.I race stock cars for fun on the weekends but no Im not a redneck. I just love competing and winning. Yes I ski, play golf, basketball, coach a semi pro football team, used to coach in the Arena Football League..... so what if I like sports does that make me a bad person?My heart sits empty waiting to be filled by someone that understands the importance of having fun in life. The whole gotta have drama thing seems to be at epidemic levels right now, and it's just not for me.So send me a line or 100 back if you have an interest in having a newest bestest friend.Ya see you're getting responses from boys and not men, if ya wanna have some fun and get some real benefits stick with men baby. I'm 39 and as you can tell very well equipped and yes Im ready to play.Smiles for youName Edited

I have never in my life honestly seen something soo cheesey in all my life. You would think a guy who has played College football, and apparently been all over the US, would be able to come up with better lines than this. Did I mention that Ron could truly put Heather Brookes out of a job?


I hope you have enjoyed this edition of GamerWhore v2.0. I know the content/quality is slightly lacking from that of the last. However, I changed entirely the way I wnet about it and I'm getting used to using hotmail all over again. It's very difficult to sort through nearly 200+ emails to pick out a few that could be considered lulz worth because after about the first 150 being nothing more than horny ole pedo bears sending you messages saying 'hey wanna fuck' with a disgusting cock shot attached, it begins to take a toll on the mind.

NOTICE: I need photos of gamer chicks in provocative poses to continue this. I don't want to use the same photo for every listing. I need ideas for the write up, and bio for gamer girl in the postings on craigslist. I think this will be the only 'Chris Hansen' based version that I will ever do. I think for the others, I will return to the nerdcore style photos posting as a gamerwhore in her early to mid 20's. So look for her in a craigslist city near you

update: I'm glad this has been such a hit with the dtoid community overall. I will do my best to make this happen at least once a week if not more until I have hit every city on craigslist. If this ever becomes a well known hoax however, I will probably resort to trolling Yahoo chatrooms and talking with dirty old pedophiles there and then giving them Ron Workmans photograph.   read

9:29 PM on 10.15.2007

Top 10 Reasons to Give tehArtist a *WORKING* Xbox360

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation..

I'm rather bored, and not much is going on in the IRC tonight, so I thought I would just do something completely and utterly stupid. If you aren't into random stupid begging, then just turn away now.

As most of you know, I'm on some grand quest to obtain myself an Xbox360 so that I can participate in Friday Night Fights. My job hunt isn't going well, and my sub work isn't staying steady. So that quest has all but gone stagnant. So, tonight I bring you for a few cheap lulz, the top 10 reasons someone out there should donate me *WORKING* xbox360.

10. He wouldn't have to buy a new heater for the winter.
9. He will send you nude photos upon request.
8. He will vow never again to post 1/2 naked photos of himself(#48) in the efforts just to win something in a Contest so he can sell it for the 360 fund.
7. You will always have someone to play Halo 3 with.
6 When tehArtist becomes extremely excited he tends to squeal like a little girl. It's entertaining, trust me.
5. He will preform any type of devious/questionable/or Sexual act as long as you promise to tell no one.
4. tehArtist secretly wants to whisper sweet nothings into BigPopaGamer's ear.
3. tehArtist hopes to get laid by some random gamerchick he might meet on line.
2. tehArtist will pretend to be a GamerWhore and have erotic chat with you for hours on end.
1. You will prevent tehArtist from becoming 'an hero'!

This is just one of my random 'Just for lulz' posts. However, if anyone truly wants to donate me a working 360. I will gladly pay for shipping. If someone comes up with a reason for the top ten, feel free to leave it in comments, and if it makes me lulz, it might get added.   read

8:56 AM on 10.15.2007

No B.S. Ways to get Government Grants!

You wouldn't believe all of the easy way to get free money from the US government.

* business
* child care
* health Care
* personal grants to attend U.S. Colleges
* 1st time home buyers/owners
* education
* adult education
* minorities
* affordable housing
* African American scholarships
* after school grants
* agriculture funding
* Pell grants
* art
* aviation research
* beauty school
* business grants and loans
* law enforcement
* Grants for women to start a business
* business startup
* state grants for all us states
* catholic/Christian school grants
* character education grants
* college students
* crime prevention
* dance school
* Renovate an Old House
* low income housing
* non profit organization
* research
* real estate
* fine art
* agriculture
* Federal Direct Loans
* Scholarship Programs
* Free Tutoring
* Free Tuition If Youíre Over 55
* Home Business Assistance
* Minority assistance programs
* day care center
* research
* environmental education
* photography
* engineers
* entrepreneurs
* writers
* Hispanic educational grants
* law school
* music education
* nursing
* single parent
* innovative research
* special education
* private foundation
* home improvement
* home repair
* foundation grants
* foreign students
* religious
* farms & farming
* school
* start a business
* single mother
* housing
* job training

Just to name a few...

These opprotunities require little to no effort and many can be done ONLINE! How great is that! You don't have to do anything that requires lots of hard work and presents a large margine of failure like start a blog. The blogs of the internet are already soo diverse, it's highly difficult to get noticed and get subscribers. In fact, you can make more money flipping mystry patties down at the local Dairy Queen than you can ever make as an independet blogger on a site like This is legitimate no B.S. Government Grants.

Matthews PROVEN system will get you the money you have been needing for quite some time. If you don't belive it, try it today RISK FREE for 90 days. If you still aren't convinced you can get a full refund of your money!

So what are you waiting for! GET STARTED TODAY!!!

Notice: This clog is in no way associated with Matthew Lesko or Matthew Lesko associates, it's just a wild pun to show you how some people like to fill your head full of bullshit!   read

12:38 AM on 10.15.2007

Random Smoking Crab *30 Seconds of your life you can't get back*

Just because I'm bored and found this amusing...


Hope you enjoyed   read

10:06 PM on 10.14.2007

Guitar Hero III comes to PC and Mac

Greetings once again out there Dtoid Nation... is reporting that Guitar Hero III is also going to be coming to the Mac.

This could be very good news for the PC and Mac communities, as you know that there will be a SHITLOAD of use created content possibilities for the PC and Mac Versions of this. I have never heard of but already has it listed.

I haven't seen any reports of this on Dtoid yet, so I thought I would pass this tidbit of info along to the Dtoid Nation.

As always, have a good evening, and happy gaming!   read

4:44 PM on 10.13.2007

Maple Story TV Ad


I saw this ad late last night during a rerun of SouthPark, I thought that Maple story sucked. However, the ad is rather random and only slightly funny, ok, it's stupid. But still, why would they invade TV to advertise a game that sucks this bad.   read

11:24 AM on 10.12.2007

Theory, Propaganda, and Random Bullshit *SSBB Delay*

Greetings out there once again Dtoid Nation

As everyone knows the Nintendo Wii has some great games coming to table this Holiday season with titles such as Batallion Wars 2, Mario Galaxy, and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Unfortunately however, Nintendo has somewhat dropped the ball on itís fans which is something they have been good at in past generations. The big announcement this week Super Smash Brothers Brawl is Delayed once again. This has been the big buzz on Nintendo this week, however I can honestly say Iím not surprised.


The Nintendo Wii as everyone knows has had immaculate success in itís first year, surpassing the current market leader (Xbox360) in less than 6 months. This great success has created a great shortage of the Nintendo Wii this holiday season. The New York Post even ran an article on Monday about the íWii Woesí for anxious gamers this holiday season. (I never realized how much profit Nintendo could rake in with software sales on each console).

From a business standpoint, this shortage of consoles is obviously the reason for pushing back Brawl until February. This is the logical thing to do with a title that is going to absolutely push systems left and right. We all have good feeling that with the release of Super Mario Galaxy, it will have the potential to be a system seller, and with the long list of games due out the day after (20 Tittles), Nintendo is pushing to over double itís current shelf library. I donít remember honestly the last Holiday season I have seen so many game release for a single season within such a short period of time, thatís in itsí first year, if anyone would like to point me towards an article on that, I would be appreciated.

The push back of Brawl until February not only gives Nintendo a 2nd Christmas in 08, it gives gamers a chance to catch up on all the other great titles that are hitting us before the end of 07. This short delay might also give Nintendo the opportunity to catch up with the current demand of the Nintendo Wii console before it creates itself an even larger demand with the release of Brawl. Sounds logical to me, and I am willing to put good faith in this theory. Nintendo would potentially double their profits from the slew of gamers that are only purchasing the Wii this holiday season for brawl, you know as well as I do, those gamers are going to pick up a few games to tide them over till brawl.

Also, I think Nintendo doesnít want to really shadow the release of Super Mario Galaxy, with quickly releasing its other largest first party title less than 30 day later.


There has been much speculation on the internet as to why Brawl was delayed. From a complete only restructure, to the addition of voice, all the way over to Reggie overshooting the capabilities of the Brawl Development team.

I donít honestly think Nintendo has plans to restructure the online just yet, until friend codes become soo much of a problem that 3rd partyís stop developing for Nintendo all together, Nintendo will think that the Wii Friend Codes work. However, when you think about it, how many games have actually USED the friend codes. Strikers Charged uses a game code, which is stupidity at itís best. EA Sports uses itís own internal messenger style friends. I donít really think this is as huge an issue as everyone is making it out to be at this point.

The addition of voice is something I honestly canít wait for to the Nintendo Wii Console, as I sit and play Mario Strikers Charged during Friday Night Fights or am getting my ass kicked in a quick round of NBA Live 08, I would love nothing more than to taunt my opponent and get into their head a little to give myself that slight edge. Ultimately, if Nintendo were going to delay Brawl, just to add voice, Iím sure they would have put it in their announcement. This would have sent most Wii owners into an overwhelming ecstasy.

Finally, we come to Reggie overshooting the capabilities of the Brawl Development team. To my knowledge, Reggie is your average corporate tool, he tells people what he is told to tell them. Reggie is nothing more than the puppet of the corporation, and his goal is to help boost sales. He done a great job of keeping Americas thoughts and opinions on the Nintendo Wii Console high. Spite your average 14y/o who enjoys scouting the internet for topics on the Wii and posting things such as Ď360 and PC FTWí or ĎWiiSUCKS!í the wii has been widely and popularly and widely received as a contender this year in the console market.

The Random Bullshit

Yes, now itís time for that great American bullshit fest. The Wii has finally returned to the top of the list shortly after being nudged out for only a short amount of time by the 360 during the launch of Halo3. Just for my pure enjoyment and pleasure, and to watch the masses of nubs falling into that giant proverbial vat of ĎHateraideí here you goÖ

That little white box that nobody thought could, is still selling like Rash Ointment after a long hot night of Necros Love! Also, Fonzie is gay!

As always out there Dtoid NationÖ

Have a Great Day, and Happy Gaming!!   read

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