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Poor, Proud, and Country gaming

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Coming Soon: GamerWhore v3.0

Greetings out there Dtoid Nation.... Long time no cblog out there my robot brothers and sisters! As most of you know, I have fallen into that abiss known as XBL over the past few weeks and have all but disappeared from the t...


Guitar Hero III comes to PC and Mac

Greetings once again out there Dtoid Nation... Kotaku.com is reporting that Guitar Hero III is also going to be coming to the Mac. This could be very good news for the PC and Mac communities, as you know that there will b...


Maple Story TV Ad

I saw this ad late last night during a rerun of SouthPark, I thought that Maple story sucked. However, the ad is rather random and only slightly funny, ok, it's stupid. But still, why would they invade TV to advertise a game that sucks this bad.


About tehArtistone of us since 4:37 PM on 03.04.2007

Everyone seems to be having a difficult time with my recent name change. So I took the time to figure out my password for this account. So I guess I will stay on this one.

Before you take the time to google me, NO I am not the little emo fag from NC named Tyler, so please tell Aaron Linde to stop sending me photo's of himself.

Anything else you wanna know, just ask.


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