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3:44 AM on 07.28.2008

Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

<insert generic introduction here!>

My name is Ryan. Im a twentysomething gamer living in the midwest where I dabble in excessive drinking, DJ'ing and Convergent Media.

When i first hit that power button and that grey box lit up to red, i knew I was home. Actually, it was the first time i yanked that game out in sheer frustration after seeing my Zelda save erased by the complete "fuck you" of childhood gaming frustration: the gray screen of almost certain doom. Passive-Aggressive was in my vocabulary at a very young age.

Im still in love with the games of my childhood and the amazement of games from this era still put me in awe. When I walk by a display promoting this year's "it" game, I still get that little feeling inside that is turned like jack-in-the-box waiting to burst and bloom.

I am using this blog as a springboard into Gaming (big G. I know!) and writing. I will be finding a job in my field within the next year (Think backpack journalism or "How you get all those pretty little movies and tidbits up on your computer screen) and this is a field that show so much promise for fostering that type of media growth.

Deep down, Im pretty sure I still want to geek out and just write about games.

This blog will center around gaming commentary both in the retro and present tense. I have been toying around with rolling out a podcast, which Id like to assemble a team for that since solo podcasting is masturbatory.   read

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