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technologic avatar 5:22 PM on 02.21.2013  (server time)
It's Dangerous to go alone - Play This!

Zelda Gamecube Collector's Edition playthrough

courtesy of

Its cold and miserable here in southern Missouri today, thus I need to entertain myself while we still have power.

I pulled out my old Gamecube, which was a pain to begin with. I have to go through the box of cords to find an A/V cable (too poor for component) and the power adapter. I also found the appropriate Wavebird hook-ups because my couch holds much more comfort than the wooden floors of my apartment.

I'm going to do a timed run on the original LoZ first. This won't be a speedrun of sorts, but I just want to know how long it will take me to get through this.

I'll post updates as i go along and we will see how this goes. I also won't be using any walkthroughs or anything because I haven't beat OoT or MM yet (!) I know that may limit how much i get done in two days. The point is that I want to have fun and have a game experience that I missed out on.

Words of encouragement, disses, zelda discussion always welcomed.

Zelda 1 - released June 87

Three pieces of triforce, 9 heart containers, big shield, blue candle, map and white sword, 39:56.1 played.

Not a quick run and I've died twice (!!!). Once was from the top of the map to get back down quick and the other was my own idiotic stupidity in Labyrinth 2.

I'm going to make my way over to Level 4, blow through that and head south and east after I get he raft to get that heart container hanging out over there. Hopefully, I'll have enough Rupees to pick up the blue ring by then.

There are only four overworld hearts right? Four or five screens from the start, the trees near levels one, the lone rock mountain northwest of lvl 2 and the raft part on the far left side right?

Update 2: 8:02 p.m.

Four and five are done and in the books. Level 4 is a pain because there is absolutely nothing in there that gives you anything to fill up your hearts.

Went and grabbed the other TWO overworld heart containers, which they were right by each other. One was the Raft castle and the other was two screens below that. Funny how your memory kicks in like that.

I've already grabbed the master sword and I'm beating level seven while I'm over here. Just a shade under two hours thus far. I took a break to cook dinner real quick and walk my dog.

Also, I've started in on the beer. This might get fun once we hit Link's Adventure.

Edit 3: 9:08 p.m.

I've lost power. Thank god for my UPS. I'm going to wait this one out and see what happens. My apartment is electric, so this might be a short stay.

I was on level 9 and was able to save thanks to the UPS.

Thanks to all for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry, I thought this would be much more interesting, but I at least had fun playing tonight. Hopefully the power kicks back on and I can get to cracking on Links Adventure.

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