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9:50 PM on 02.17.2014

Pokemon VGC So Cal Winter Regionals 2014


LOVEOFTHEGAMER goes to the Pokemon VGC Winter Regionals in Long Beach, CA, so you don't have to! Join me and Jackson on our quest for glory against the Pokemon League's finest. Double battles: commence! #LOVEOFTHEGAMER   read

1:34 PM on 12.04.2013

NO CONTINUES! Bubble Bobble and Booze


New episode of NO CONTINUES is live and features Bubble Bobble and martinis. (It’s like child and adulthood are shaking hands!) Check out this week’s episode and watch Schwag and I take down the boss known as “Super Drunk” while getting little drunk ourselves. Bubbles are on the house, but you gotta bring your own bobbles. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER   read

12:30 PM on 11.12.2013

NO CONTINUES! Ghost'n Goblins is LIVE


The next episode of NO CONTINUES is live and hard as HELL! Watch as Schwag attempts to make history in this tough as nails run at arcade classic GHOSTS ‘N GOBLINS. (This game takes no prisoners!) Score attack for the masochist starts now! #LOVEOFTHEGAMER

LOVEOFTHEGAMER presents: NO CONTINUES! Ghosts'n Goblins   read

3:15 PM on 11.01.2013



Just in time for the first of the month, an extra spooky Halloween episode of me and Schwag’s new show "NO CONTINUES" is live and features a special appearance by Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete(!). Allow us to show you what it takes to get your quarter’s worth at METAL SLUG 3 and collect those hobos for real. Hard Mode starts now. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER


1:11 PM on 10.16.2013


NO CONTINUES Episode 1 is LIVE! Check out our new web series and watch as me and Schwag take on the challenge of a new game every week in a no holds barred match of skill and wit with the promise to NEVER hit that continue button. Great commentary and gameplay from two of LA’s highest score holders.

This week's game: RESIDENT EVIL 4! We play on hard mode so that you don't have to. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER   read

1:24 PM on 09.17.2013

15 Second Game Review: The Wonderful 101


The Wonderful 101 is out on Wii U and makes its #15SecReview debut in a fashion that's nothing less than "Viewtiful." (R.I.P. Joe) Does Hideki Kamiya's latest IP have what it takes to save the day for Nintendo's home console? Take 15 seconds out of your busy minute to enjoy! -T.C.

The 15 Second Game Review: The Wonderful 101   read

1:19 PM on 09.05.2013

REAL GAME QUOTES: Resetti For The Win!


Man, whoever’s doing the writing for Animal Crossing’s famous enforcer of good gaming edict deserves a drink on the HOUSE! Mr.Resetti, while usually a long-winded chap, gets right to the point in his latest appearance in the recent Wii U download, Animal Crossing Plaza, as he describes other townsfolk as being a “Bunch o’ weirdos and resetters. . .” I literally laughed out loud as I read this! Resetti’s suspicion and overall contempt for his village-dwelling peers plays into the classic character type of a cop who's seen too much time on the beat, and I, for one, am loving it. Resetti, you jaded mole, you! Maybe it's time for retirement.

                                     Resetti threatens Smash Bros. combatants. If only…

In a world like Animal Crossing’s where there isn’t a set goal and there are no real villains, could Mr.Resetti be construed as an enemy? Speaking as someone who never (ahem) changes their clock to manipulate gameplay, I’d certainly say not. But to the AC cheater? Maaaybe. Sure, you’ve got Copper and Booker serving as officers in the game’s police station, but when it comes down to it, they’re just there to run a lost and found! Resetti’s the REAL enforcer of law out here, and if I were an offender, I’d definitely be scared. I mean, just LOOK at that rage!

                                                      Resetti’s here to COLLECT!

Through four Animal Crossing titles and a Smash Bros. appearance, Resetti’s proved his quotability in spades. I suppose when it’s your job to punk out players who forget to save their game with what’s supposed to be an annoying amount of dialogue boxes, you’d BETTER have a line or two that bares remembering. These screens only begin to hit the tip of the rambling Resetti iceberg, and I’d say that even the most honest player will find it’s definitely worth not saving your game at least once just to see this dude in action. In a world of game enhancers and glitch exploiters, it’s comforting to know there’s someone out there fighting the good fight. Nag on, Mr.Resetti! Your pursuit for pure game play ethics will not go unnoticed. -T.C.

                                                        Wow. *wipes tear from eye*   read

2:41 PM on 07.29.2013

"The 15 Second Game Review"


Hey there, Destructoid Community! My buddy Schwag and I put together the first episode of our new segment, "The 15 Second Game Review," so that you'll never have to read another 150 words AGAIN! Today's game is Mega Man 2 (recently re-released on Wii U Virtual Console), so please take fifteen seconds out of your minute to enjoy. Thanks! -T.C.

The 15 Second Game Review: Mega Man 2   read

2:12 PM on 07.17.2013

“What It’s Gonna Take For Me To Buy a PS Vita”


The Playstation Vita. Like the large tattoo-sporting pacifist in the crowd at a NOFX concert, the Vita stands posing a great threat to those who look on with concern. Muscle-bound and mohawk sporting, onlookers would have to assume this guy was capable of something big, right? Sony’s latest handheld appears to have the power to threaten the comfy portable market established by Nintendo, however with a lack of interesting releases on the horizon, it’s hard for even the most dedicated gamer to justify the price of admission. So what’s it going to take for the Vita to rise from the flames of an untimely death? The obvious answer is GAMES. . . GOOD games.

Looking at the line up available on store shelves today, I have a hard time picking more than three titles that would entice me enough to pick up the system, and ALL THREE are games I've played on other consoles: Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Muramasa Rebirth. For the record, Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice look interesting. . . While these are good games that I would love to have portable versions of, a mere three ports is not a good score for a system that’s been out for over a year, and the even more troubling news is that there’s not much else on the horizon.

                                                  What game you got in there, Kaz?

Relying heavily on third-party developers to fill their release schedules with quality software may have worked in the PS1 days, but today’s market is one where system exclusives are rare, and convincing developers to pledge projects for a handheld that Sony themselves barely seems able to support doesn’t sound like a safe investment at all. While I’ve always bought and enjoyed the latest Game Boy or DS, it was because I knew at the very least Nintendo was going to back it up with some first-party “must-haves” that would deem the system worthwhile to my palette. My confidence in Sony as a developer is not quite the same as the Killzones and God of Wars pile up. While indie titles and the PSN market are slowly breathing life into the system, I'm still short a solid reason or "must-have" title to get me on board with the Vita.     

Showcasing the system’s ability to play generations of Playstation software, along with the kind of cross-platform connectivity demonstrated in the PS3 and Vita releases of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal are the selling points Sony needs to make to get fans to toss in on the portable Playstation experience. Speaking as someone who paid over $400 for a Japanese launch day PSP only to end up buying five games in the system’s entire lifespan, I can’t help but look to the future release forecast with caution as I consider sinking dollars into Sony’s handheld waters for a second time. The promised PS4 connectivity features are encouraging, but still on a long list of "wait-and-sees" that have to be considered. Not sure what’s in store for Sony's pocket monster in the meantime, but if a price drop is part of it, you might just have me on board sooner than later. –T.C.

          Titles like Dragon's Crown are moving you UP in the world, Vita! Keep 'em comin'   read

4:58 PM on 07.16.2013

"So I Bought Resident Evil 4 Again"


It happened.

One of my well documented favorite games ever, Resident Evil 4, recently went on sale on the PSN/360 online store, and just when I thought there was NO WAY Capcom could possibly squeeze another buck out of me for a game I’ve already bought THREE times over, I sit staring at a “purchase confirmed” screen ready to hunt blue plates and earn my twelve achievements. “What are you buyin’?” asks the Merchant. My answer doesn’t come so easily. . .

The real question here isn’t WHAT I’m buying, but rather, WHY would a non-wealthy person spend so much hard-earned cash on the same gaming experience again and again? There hasn’t been any new content added to the package since the 2005 PS2 version, and the urge to collect a cool game box can only add to the rationale when such a thing exists. While I certainly don’t intend to pay to re-download EVERY game that I own a physical copy of, certain titles have a strong enough lure to entice my re-buy and ensure my future digital enjoyment if the price is right, but how much is too much? What is it that justifies the download of a classic you already own?

                     30 cents is just about the right price for Yoshi’s NES puzzler.

It all comes down to dollars and cents: $10 to $20 for an “old” game seems to be an acceptable norm if you’re giving an HD face-lift and adding online options to a classic like Final Fight or Castlevania: SotN, but beyond graphical and network enhancements, I think the real meat of the psychology behind that final click of the “purchase” button comes down to the accessibility of being able to experience an old favorite on a new console. RE4 happened to be on sale the weekend I decided to download (and re-buy) it, so $10 sounded like an acceptable price for my future disc-less enjoyment of a game I’ll most certainly go back to. With the recent announcement of the Playstation 4’s lack of backward compatibility with PS3 blu-ray discs, opting for the digital copy of a new release is sounding more and more like the way to go.

While the mature me downloads my games, the collector in me cringes at the thought of paying for anything less than stunning box art. Perhaps if companies started offering gamers who purchase a retail copy of their game the option to download the digital version at a discounted price, then maybe people like me could have our cake and eat it too. That said, I just got a message for my pre-ordered copy of Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, and needless to say, I will NOT be trading in any old titles towards this purchase. #BoxesAreForever –T.C.

                        Not pictured: The PS4 owner’s incompatible shelf of PS3 games.   read

2:32 PM on 07.16.2013

E3 2013: The Re-Cap


E3 2013 is behind us after a hot week of convention center navigating, but not without leaving a smoldering crater of news in its wake. PS4 and Xbox One details, Wii U and 3DS games by the boat load, and some of the best offerings our current gen has seen yet have made this year’s Los Angeles game show one for books no matter what kind of gamer you are. Put on your name badge, grab that imaginary swag bag, and let’s check out the highlights from the E3 2013 experience.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U premiered its first trailer and is epic as HELL! With nothing but video footage and the reveal of three awesome (and unexpected) new characters, this announcement still managed to be one of the most buzz worthy bits of the week. While the game’s 2014 release date is still unknown, series producer Masahiro Sakurai has promised to update us with new game play screens five days a week from his desk as the project progresses. Like the Smash Bros. Brawl blog reveals before it, the Smash Bros. 4 hype train begins NOW.

                                                    New challengers approaching!

Smash Bros. related and worthy of its own bullet point, Mega Man finally gets his invite to join in the fray, and is his presence EVER being felt. In a series where the director proclaims that he’s “not gonna have just ANY character participate from other companies," this NES veteran is in a class of his own with unique moves that cover all the mega-busting and power stealing you’d come to expect from the blue bomber. It’s still a ways off, but the next gen of Smash couldn’t come soon enough. . .

On the console side, all three major systems are looking great. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all touting good looking stuff with a surprising amount of exclusives all around. Aside from games with the Halo or CoD pedigree, the very impressive Panzer Dragoon successor, “Crimson Dragon,” is one in a pile of Xbox One exclusives that show the system has more than EA and Activision in tow, and the surprise return of Killer Instinct was met with more excitement than Microsoft probably could of hope for. Sony showcased some big names too with the long-awaited announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS4 as well as Final Fantasy XV, and another title in the Infamous series.

              A glass case stands between me and this Xbox One at a Forza media event.

As for systems already out in the wild, Nintendo’s first-party efforts look to be finally baring fruit for the otherwise barren Wii U in the form of the soon-to-be-released Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and Mario Kart 8 to name a few. The 3DS is looking equally lush with Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei, and Mario & Luigi offerings all due for release within the next couple months. While the PS Vita didn’t have much quantity to show in terms of new software, Vanillaware is showing love to the Playstation handheld with an enhanced HD port Muramasa as well as the beautiful looking Dragon’s Crown all due out before the end of summer.

                            Super Mario 3D World multiplayer summed up in one pic.

Other next-gen mentionables include Shiji Mikami’s latest project “The Evil Within,” which looks to be more of a sequel to Resident Evil 4 than Resident Evil 5 could have ever wished to be, and destined for both Xbox One and PS4 comes the first meaty gameplay trailer of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Starring “Punished Snake" in a new open world setting, and with the tagline that “every man becomes a demon," I think we’re about to finally see boss' long awaited fall to the dark side. As for the Snake voice change controversy? I love me some David Hayter, but I must admit, Sutherland doesn’t sound too bad. . .

                                                Here’s lookin’ at YOU, next-gen!

All-and-all, this years E3 managed to show plenty for gamers to get excited about both current-gen and next. While I DID wonder where “The Last Guardian” booth was, I leave reassured that this gaming hobby has a future beyond iOS. Until the next time, E3. We’ll be gaming. -T.C.

                            Who was the winner of E3? ME! (Thanks @MadCatz!)   read

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