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Tony Inkwell Conte
Rapper/Writer from Los Angeles, CA. I even seen a blimp once. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER
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LOVEOFTHEGAMER goes to the Pokemon VGC Winter Regionals in Long Beach, CA, so you don't have to! Join me and Jackson on our quest for glory against the Pokemon League's finest. Double battles: commence! #LOVEOFTHEGAMER


New episode of NO CONTINUES is live and features Bubble Bobble and martinis. (It’s like child and adulthood are shaking hands!) Check out this week’s episode and watch Schwag and I take down the boss known as “Super Drunk” while getting little drunk ourselves. Bubbles are on the house, but you gotta bring your own bobbles. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER


The next episode of NO CONTINUES is live and hard as HELL! Watch as Schwag attempts to make history in this tough as nails run at arcade classic GHOSTS ‘N GOBLINS. (This game takes no prisoners!) Score attack for the masochist starts now! #LOVEOFTHEGAMER

LOVEOFTHEGAMER presents: NO CONTINUES! Ghosts'n Goblins


Just in time for the first of the month, an extra spooky Halloween episode of me and Schwag’s new show "NO CONTINUES" is live and features a special appearance by Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete(!). Allow us to show you what it takes to get your quarter’s worth at METAL SLUG 3 and collect those hobos for real. Hard Mode starts now. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER


NO CONTINUES Episode 1 is LIVE! Check out our new web series and watch as me and Schwag take on the challenge of a new game every week in a no holds barred match of skill and wit with the promise to NEVER hit that continue button. Great commentary and gameplay from two of LA’s highest score holders.

This week's game: RESIDENT EVIL 4! We play on hard mode so that you don't have to. #LOVEOFTHEGAMER


The Wonderful 101 is out on Wii U and makes its #15SecReview debut in a fashion that's nothing less than "Viewtiful." (R.I.P. Joe) Does Hideki Kamiya's latest IP have what it takes to save the day for Nintendo's home console? Take 15 seconds out of your busy minute to enjoy! -T.C.

The 15 Second Game Review: The Wonderful 101