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FaceBreaker Doesn't Suck.

Ok, so the first thing we need to clear up is WTF Kim Kardashian, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are doing in FaceBreaker. This one is easy. As you probably already know, our create boxer feature makes use of photogameface, w...


About tbattyone of us since 5:28 PM on 08.18.2008

I'm the lead designer on facebreaker, a new arcade boxing game being made by EA. Yeah, so the last game I designed was NBA Street Homecourt, which is pretty fucking awesome. I like sports games primarily, and I like them fast, twitchy and ridiculously responsive. Other than that I hang out with my 17 month old son and make him imitate farm animals since he can't talk yet.

I'm going to be posting a blog shortly about facebreaker and why it doesn't suck and then you can go to the forums and assault me with questions.

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