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tazarthayoot avatar 3:11 PM on 08.13.2008  (server time)
UPDATE!Red Faction: Guerrilla destructifest tonight. We want you in!

Setting up teams, since it seems there will be quite a few people joining us. Also set back start time to 10 pm eastern instead of 9 due to the fact that I'm a fucktard.


Tonight, my fair Communitoid, we will be creating a massive game of Red Faction Guerrilla. After several hours of play last night, myself, alongside DVDDesign, -D-, Butmac, and LostCrichton decided that the best part of the game, by far, is having buildings fall down on top of your head and crush you. So tonight, my friends, that is what we plan on doing.

None of this will happen tonight.

We want to make a room of twelve people tonight in Red Faction, and spend the evening trying to find more and more inventive ways of bringing the house down, literally, in the game. Want to join in? All you have to do is leave your gamertag in the comments below, and be available to play Red Faction Guerrilla tonight starting at 10:00pm Eastern time. Oh yeah, you also need to have the Red Faction Guerrilla beta.

The following people are confirmed for play:
TEAM ONE:(hosted by myself, Tazar)
Grim (warchiefgrim)
Tazar (tazartheyoot)
-D- (suckerpod)
DVDDesign (metalocalypse)
LostCrichton (LostCrichton)
Butmac (Butmac)
Kryptinite (Kryptinite)
king3vbo (king3vbo)
Justice (TheSolidSound)
Vlambo (Vlambo)
The Bez (The Bez)
The Gamegoblin

TEAM TWO: (Needs a host)
Eternaldeathslayer (Kobewan0869)
sTo0z (sTo0z)
reaprar (Reaprars)
xmalachi (xMalachi)
darktravesty (darktravesty)
Ub3rSlug (Ub3rSlug)
Deadmoviestar (Goei5)
Bslashingu (Bslashingu)

So if you want in, as I said above, go ahead and leave your gamertag in the comments below, and I will update accordingly. If we have more then 12 users, we will designate another Dtoider to be the party leader for a second Communitoid destructo-fest lobby.


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