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tazarthayoot avatar 11:40 AM on 05.21.2008  (server time)
GTA in popculture: We get it, it's got drugs and guns.

It's funny because he has WACKY HAIR!!!!(kill me)

We all know GTA IV is one of the biggest selling games of all time. With over 6 million copies sold in the first week, there is just no questioning that it's hot. With all things that are popular, it was bound to hit the late night circuits, because cashing in a hot dime is what these horrible shows are known for.

GTA has appeared on several different shows in the last few weeks, including SNL, MAD tv, and Conan O'Brien. Which one of them spoofed it the best? I sat down and graded the skits based on their understanding of the game, reference to actual in game characters and moments, and of course, LOLocity™.(LOLocity™ is ™ by Tazarthayoot, all other uses of said word without expressed written consent to the all knowing and handsome Tazarthayoot are invalid and users should be beaten to within an inch of their lives)


The writers of SNL haven't been what they used to be even fifteen years ago, but at the very least you have to give them credit for playing the game long enough to get THREE of the ingame characters names right. However, their "joke" of them being nothing but wobbly people with block hands shows that the only games they've only ever seemed to play was the PS2 versions, as those who have played GTA IV can attest that all the characters have fully fleshed out fingers (and possibly toes).

However, in terms of LOLocity™, the skit is unfunny. Their only hook is the block hands, and they completely missed the mark. Props to knowing Roman, Vlad, and Niko (and getting their clothing somewhat correct), but overall, you just missed the point.

Score = 3/10



You know when news companies like Fox News do "stories" about how games are bad for you, and they'll sometimes show you clips from other shows who have already responded about said games (because, you know, it's easier to just show clips than to do your own FACTUAL research)? This is what they show.

Where do you start on something like this? They obviously did no research of the game or anything about the game, and just run with the whole "hookers, drugs, and killing" theme that so many uninformed journalists and heaven-sent pariahs latch onto. Leroy the pimp and his hookers and drugs and O NOES SHOOTING MOM!

Something that GTA has almost never really shown is people using drugs. Sure, Little Jacob is a pothead, but you never actually see him rolling a fatty boom batty and lighting up. Sure one of the girls you see in a mission is on Meth, but you never see her do it. Several of your contacts do coke or heroin, but again, you never see them do it, only mention it.

It really makes me angry when I see shows blatantly rip on a game and it is so completely inaccurate it's not even funny. I used to like MAD TV, but this is just dumb, and not to mention completely unfunny. The LOLocity on this is so low that if you did actually laugh at this for being anything other than poorly done, you may very well be a writer for MAD TV.

Score = Fuck you MAD TV.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien: The New Version of GTA

Both examples I have written about here are obviously the worst ones, but there is one show I've seen spoof GTA that I feel did it in a very funny and well done way, and of course it's Conan O' Brien. If any of you have seen his show, you know he's a gamer, or at the very least his writers are, and they seem to know exactly what is and is not funny when it comes to spoofing on games.

In the above clip, obviously, they show GTA as a very toned down game from the previous titles. They use actual in game walking around footage of Niko just being a common (possibly gay) citizen of Liberty City going about his regular day. Things such as getting a hot dog, taking the kids to soccer practice, and listening to the Tootsie soundtrack at day's end (something I do daily). I actually find this to be funny, if only in stark contrast to what the actual GTA missions ask you to do.

Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond really do have amazing sheets.

Score = 8/10

Games are quickly becoming a more accepted form of media in modern mainstream culture. However, it's very apparent that the people with television shows still know extremely little about them. Hopefully we'll see more shows take the route Late Night did, and produce skits and spoofs that gamers can enjoy while at the same time not completely missing the mark (as well as failing to even play the fucking game first) and produce something that only late night couch potatoes will laugh at because a prerecorded laugh track tells them to.

So, you guys seen any good ones lately?

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