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Associate Editor for Tomopop.com
Still, Destructoid's Number One Awesome Bad Ass guy thing...that went to Cancun.

Name: Tazar "Tha Yoot" Tha Yoot
Blood Type: Jazzy Neapolitan
Fighting Style: Irish Wobble and then fall down drunk
Favorite Stance: "Anal sex is still safer then regular sex"
Weapon of choice: by Fatboy Slim
Drug of choice: You know that smell of socks that haven't been washed for years, and have been worn by the same fat steel mill worker for years and years and years. And then you take those socks and you douse them in kerosene and feed them to a large quad-pedal animal (my personal preference: Hulk Hogan), and then subsequently rip them out of the stomach through the rib cage of said animal, and then slather them in mayonaise and leave them in the sun for several days?

That's not a drug, that's just silly.

1st Alternate Drug of choice: Hamsters
2nd Alternate Drug of choice: The Jazz Stylings of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Favorite Book: Def Jam's How to be a Player: The Abridged Version
Favorite Movies: Gonorrhea
Favorite Game: Failing at life.
Favorite writer: Paris Hilton
Current room status: "Fucking Mansion"

My dog doing his best Nicolas Cage impersonation.

My woman.

I draw. I write. I rule.
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I apologize to NO MAN.

10. Because his birth certificate says so

9. Homie loves his luaus.

8. It's the only other place besides Washington he can easily roast a pig.

7. The beaches, obviously.


5. NO pooftahs.

4. His lifelong dream was one day to be the guy on the Hawaiian punch can

3. Fox News thinks it's somewhere between Iraq and Egypt.

2. Because his birth certificate says so!

And the number 1 reason why Obama's from Hawaii *drumroll please*


Because. I. Said. So.

I cannot understand why people are so unbelievably up in arms over the two games and the desire to make a huge to-do over it. What Prototype and inFAMOUS attempt to do are complete opposites from one another. Aside from the fact that they are both open world sandbox games with a gruff-voiced lead who involuntarily become something they never asked to be, the games play in a way that completely counter-act to the other title. That's not to say that one is better than the other, but to say that the games should not become a cock measuring contest as to who's gaming system is better.

And yes, that is what this really comes down to, yet again. Which is better, the Xbox or the Playstation. Bear in mind Prototype is not a console exclusive to the 360. It seems that the hidden agenda with these community blogs and comments speaking out on how horrible it is that inFAMOUS is better than Prototype is less about the games and more about the constant, never-ending battle of which system is better. and that, my friends, is petty fucking bullshit.

I have not gotten the chance to play the full game of inFAMOUS because I don't own a PS3, but I have played the demo, and read the comic. Although I would most likely prefer the story of inFAMOUS over Prototype's, I prefer the gameplay of Prototype over all because, quite frankly, I like running around and being near-omnipotent in video games. That's the whole reason I play games, to escape reality. inFAMOUS is no different, aside from the fact that they try to make the game be a tad more realistic than the world of Prototype and oh my fucking god what the hell am I doing.

I started out wanting to write a blog about how the two games should NOT be compared, and I go on for over three paragraphs doing just that. Let me restart-



Or, better yet, play them fucking both. If you have a PS3, you should be able to do this with ease. If you only own a 360 (like myself), then get some friends and force them to let you play it. Once you've spent a decent amount of time in both, decide which one you like more.

And then keep that fucking opinion to yourself.

In the end it should not come down to which game has better story, which game has more fun, which game is a fucking system exclusive. It should come down to what you enjoy is what you like, and in turn, what you continue to play. Don't get insanely offended because Jim Sterling didn't like such and such as much as you did, because that is one man's opinion, and you should not expect them to change that just because you don't agree. Nothing Jim Sterling says can sway your opinion on the game, so what makes you think anything you have to say about it will sway his?

We're all forgetting one of the key rules that this website and it's community was made upon, and that was:

Each and every one of us on this site have an opinion and judgment on every single fucking game, and much like snowflakes, they're all different. Instead of fighting over consoles and games, let's just FUCKING PLAY THEM.

And maybe occasionally meet up, have a few beers together, and not hate each other just because we didn't like the grade of 6.5.

Don't like it? Fuck you, it's my opinion, which I happily give 11/10.

Alright Dtoid, so I'm back home in New Orleans for the next few days with absolutely nothing to do. I have every intention of getting shit ass drunk and rambling through the French Quarter without pissing/shitting myself. Then I had the thought, "Hey, why do this alone when I can force other Dtoiders into my own misery!?"

So, any Dtoiders in and around the New Orleans area want to meet up to hang out/drink/stuff? I would like to hit up some arcades (if there are any left) or some retro game stores (if there are any at all), and since I have no fucking clue where to find any, I'd have to enlist your help to find them.

If you aren't busy this weekend and want to hang out with me, you can email me at theswagga (at) gmail (dot) com so we can schedule a get together.

Hope to hang out with some of you fuckers soon!

It's been done. It cannot be undone.

Setting up teams, since it seems there will be quite a few people joining us. Also set back start time to 10 pm eastern instead of 9 due to the fact that I'm a fucktard.


Tonight, my fair Communitoid, we will be creating a massive game of Red Faction Guerrilla. After several hours of play last night, myself, alongside DVDDesign, -D-, Butmac, and LostCrichton decided that the best part of the game, by far, is having buildings fall down on top of your head and crush you. So tonight, my friends, that is what we plan on doing.

None of this will happen tonight.

We want to make a room of twelve people tonight in Red Faction, and spend the evening trying to find more and more inventive ways of bringing the house down, literally, in the game. Want to join in? All you have to do is leave your gamertag in the comments below, and be available to play Red Faction Guerrilla tonight starting at 10:00pm Eastern time. Oh yeah, you also need to have the Red Faction Guerrilla beta.

The following people are confirmed for play:
TEAM ONE:(hosted by myself, Tazar)
Grim (warchiefgrim)
Tazar (tazartheyoot)
-D- (suckerpod)
DVDDesign (metalocalypse)
LostCrichton (LostCrichton)
Butmac (Butmac)
Kryptinite (Kryptinite)
king3vbo (king3vbo)
Justice (TheSolidSound)
Vlambo (Vlambo)
The Bez (The Bez)
The Gamegoblin

TEAM TWO: (Needs a host)
Eternaldeathslayer (Kobewan0869)
sTo0z (sTo0z)
reaprar (Reaprars)
xmalachi (xMalachi)
darktravesty (darktravesty)
Ub3rSlug (Ub3rSlug)
Deadmoviestar (Goei5)
Bslashingu (Bslashingu)

So if you want in, as I said above, go ahead and leave your gamertag in the comments below, and I will update accordingly. If we have more then 12 users, we will designate another Dtoider to be the party leader for a second Communitoid destructo-fest lobby.