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Greeting fellow dtoid readers,

Tav7623 here broadcasting live from Hell's Kitchen (no not THAT Hell's Kitchen) and I'm here to discuss a little something regarding one of my top 7 favorite gaming franchises. I am of course talking about Resident Evil, now I haven't had a chance to play the latest game in the series, Resident Evil 6 so I don't know how valid any of the criticisms of the game are. Though considering the generally negative user/mixed critical response I've heard so far it's led to some talk (on the internets no less) about how Capcom should dive back into the ol' well and remake arguably one of the best games in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 2.

While I'd personally prefer if they (Capcom) didn't remake RE 2 and could go on and on about why they shouldn't touch Resident Evil 2 with a 100ft pole. I felt that it would be a bit more "interesting" if I talked about the 10 things I'd like to see Capcom Do/Not Do should they decide to desec....um...I mean .... celebrate.... the awesomeness of Resident Evil 2 by releasing a remake of the game. Now before I get into the list let me just say that I do hope you enjoyed reading what I hope to be the first of many blog entries here on destructoid.com and I look forward to reading what ya'll think down in the comments section.....and now as they say in showbiz "on with the show", enjoy :p

10 Things I think Capcom Should & Shouldn't do in creating a remake of Resident Evil 2

1. Capcom should release a port of the RE 2 remake on every console including customized ports for the 3DS and Vita.

2. Capcom SHOULD NOT include CO-OP play ala RE 5, now if it's done ala Gears of War where it is a SEPARATE mode then cool, but I DO NOT want to have to babysit/be forced into CO-OP sections with the game's AI characters during "story" mode.

3. Capcom should overhaul the game's control scheme and camera, using the control and camera scheme from at least Resident Evil 4 or a variation of the Dead Space 2 controls....NOT the RE 5 controls. Though in the case of the 3DS/Vita versions of the game implement a version of the Resident Evil Revelations control scheme instead. Also there should be an option for players to be able to customize the control scheme included as well.

4. Capcom SHOULD NOT create or release ANY DLC focused on multiplayer maps or character skin packs for the game......unless they plan to make it free to everyone from day 1. Now if the DLC was based on adding new missions to the game's story mode that has us playing new missions as Ada or Hunk during the events of RE 2 then that would be cool as long as it's reasonably priced ($5 to $10).

5. Capcom should include 3D capabilities for the PS3, Xbox 360, and 3DS versions of the game so that way people who have 3D HDTV's or a 3DS can experience the horror of having that big ass gator popping out at them in eye popping 3D.

6. There should NOT be ANY digital pre-order bonuses/DLC exclusive bonuses (kind of ties in with #4),unless they are REAL bonuses like an exclusive game soundtrack, art book, or making of DVD. Now if there are any digital pre-order then it should either be a free copy of the original RE 2 or a free copy of the GameCube Resident Evil Remake.

7. Capcom should follow in the footsteps of the teams that created the GameCube remake of Resident Evil and the first two Dead Space games.....in other words they should A.throw in some curve ball's like new creatures(Lisa Trevor) or twists on old creatures (Crimson Head Zombie's) , B. add new sections to the game's story (like the Lisa Trevor/cabin section), and C. make the game focus on the HORROR and SURVIVAL aspects like those found in Dead Space 2 and NOT on the ACTION/CO-OP aspects of RE 5. So that veteran players like myself will either be surprised or go screaming and freaking out like a little girl when the unexpected (if done effectively) does happen.

8. There should NOT be an online multiplayer mode for the game....cause seriously A. the original was a single player game and B. do I honestly have to bring up the disasters that were Operation:Raccoon City and Outbreak Files 1 & 2.

9. Capcom should Include a FREE copy of the original Resident Evil 2 (preferably on the disc ala Dead Space 2/Medal of Honor) for those who pre-order the game.

10. Capcom SHOULD NOT stray away from what made the early Resident Evil games and RE 4 so awesome which was the fact that those games focused on SURVIVING w/limited weapons & ammo in a well crafted and atmospheric setting while going up against genuinely HORRIFIC obstacles/creatures/people.....this game is not a ACTION oriented CO-OP game like RE 5, Gears of War, or the upcoming Dead Space 3 so don't try to turn it into one just because you (Capcom) "think" that doing so will make you the most money....it won't, but what it will do is further alienate and/or piss fans of the series (like myself) off instead.

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