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3:29 PM on 03.11.2009

Dear Loser,[Dtoid]~~~~!!

Hello Dtoid!

I've been lurking around without an account for a while and I believe it's high time to introduce myself around here, especially since I already have met many of you in person from the Miami NARP and other local gaming events. :)

Let's see here...My name is Tati and for those who were at the Miami NARP, I was the girl behind the counter selling the cupcakes and video game / Dtoid chocolate lollipops (they were not cookies! Though I suppose I could make those too). I am graduating this semester with a bachelor's degree in Art. In school, I paint. At home/work, I paint on and sculpt food :)

As for my gaming experience, I am slowly getting back into gaming after a 2 year break. I used to be a huge MMO buff and I've beta tested a few, but life got a little crazy around that time so I had to quit all of the games I was playing/following to make time to take care of things. As for right now, I've been trying to run a business for the past year (geeky cakes and chocolates FTW!) so I tend to play console games less often unless my DS is on me. The link to my site is in the sidebar if you're interested in checking it out.

I own a DS, PS3 and some older consoles, and I play PC games. All the SNES and NES games I didn't play as a child I emulated on my PC in middle/high school. *shrugs* My favorites of those being Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. I also like some FPS like the Halos, UT3, and TimeSplitters. I don't have a 360 so I haven't really played any 360 games, except for Castle Crashers and Overlord at friend's houses. Both of which I ADORE <3. I'm seriously contemplating getting a 360 when I have the scratch, and sharing it with my boyfriend, especially for those aforementioned 360 games and the XBLA versions of Carcassone and Settlers of Catan—my two FAVORITE table top games~

I don't own a lot of games. I'm not a collector. I usually just watch others play for a bit and if I like the game, or a game is recommended to me, I'll borrow it. An exception is Disgaea. I am a whore for Disgaea and NiS. Colette texted me when she got her reviewer's copy of Prinny, told me I could borrow it when she's done, and I creamed my pants. She then showed up with the Prinny juice canteen, gave it to me, and I creamed my pants. Really, Colette just makes me cream my pants. All the time.

When I get the money I'm buying the Prinny game, even though I don't own a PSP. Disgaea games/merch are a DO WANT!! Owning other games is not really that important to me.

My list of what I'm currently playing, other games I like, some other interests of mine and what's in queue for when I have time is in the sidebar~ Feel free to recommend something you think I might like.

I end this post with my most recent cake creation, for my boyfriend ElfAngel7's birthday this past weekend.

Thanks for reading :) I'll try my best not to suck.   read

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