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taterchimp avatar 4:18 PM on 05.11.2013  (server time)
Weekend Destructainment: Knockoff Edition

Lets sit around the campfire and sing our campfire song:  a bunch of my favorite people left the company I work for, so I have had drinks 3 out of the 5 days of the working week to 'celebrate' with them.  Good times.  I got particularly inebriated on Thursday, and in my drunken stupor began playing with my Dead Fish and started to get into a pretty nasty funk.  To try and improve my mood, I pulled up a few of my favorite YouTube videos, which did a halfway decent job. Then I remembered that there used to be a thing 'round there parts that was just silly videos, so I thought "Whoa..I can barely stand up straight.  Good thing I have a glass of Jack Dagnels in arm's reach".  Then I thought I could post some of my favorite gaming related videos here.  I don't remember which ones of these I picked up from Destructoid, and which ones were just ones that I stumbled upon, but here ya go:

Starting off my favorite video from Birgirpall.  The editing and choice of music in this video is nothing short of amazing:

Up next, my favorite Dan player in existence.  He might not technically be the best, but this shows what makes Dan the best, and that's what counts.  Also, I have literally been emotionally moved by the choice of music mixed with how amazing/hilarious the gameplay was.

Super kawaii no desu meets sprite art.  Everyone wins

Can we get some Dark Souls love up in here, Barry?  Yes, I think we can, other Barry.  Since watching this, "Stop The Rock" has been played an average of twice daily at my house.

This video had me in tears the first week that I watched it.  I literally couldn't see because I was laughing so hard.

This one I know is from DToid, but with all the talk of Saints Row 4, I wanted to post it in case you missed it the first time around:

Continuing with the theme of what is a hot topic, Duck Tales reboot sure is a thing, and this is sort of related, yeah?

I just came to say "Fus Ro"

lol call of duty

Finally, a touch of class:

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