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taterchimp avatar 2:02 PM on 06.08.2013  (server time)
Weekend Destructainment: Because I cancancan

So yet again, I decided to pull together some of my videos, ranging form NVGR, NSFW, and classy covers of videogame musics, just for you, because I'm a nice guy like that.  I apparently decided to go with a lot of musical nostalgia, which means plenty of Nintendo videos.  Hope you all enjoy!

First off, some sound advice for the upcoming console wars:

What happens when you turn off traction control in GTA 4?  Hell on earth

This guy is the one of the only non video games channels I have subscribed to YouTube.  He has so many piano remixes of classic games, and he plays the piano like some kind of masterful badass. Don't just watch this video - watch ten or twelve by him:

Begin.  Line.  Game over. Begin.  Line.  Game over. Begin.  Line.  Game over. Begin.  Line.  Game over.

With console wars heating up yet again, I couldn't help but be reminded of this little gem, back from when G4 produced


This is my new favorite video of ever

Huh, I wonder what this is all abouuoOOOOOOHHHH NOOOO.  NOO. NO.  NEVER.  His laugh makes this video all the more insidious.

Because I cancancan.  Because I cancancan.  Seriously though, this is on the of those videos that actually makes me tear up a little bit because of how excellently put together it is- the pitch shifting on the menu and the ocarina are done wonderfully for the song, and believably in game, and the use of actual in game audio for the treasure sound and the Song of Storms is just the cherry on top.

I know a lot of people say that by adding complexity to game music that you sacrifice a good catchy melody.  This often leads to songs form a game blurring together into a gray, orchestrated mush.  Mario's still got it baby.  Nintendo knows whats up.  It speaks volumes to be able to not only instantly recognize the tune, but the memories that come bursting forward when I hear this makes me really appreciate how special that game was.  For me, it was a Christmas present, and as such, a game that I played surrounded by my family in Winter.  As I went back to college, I got to play it with my friend who said that 'Nintendo has figured out how to burn fun onto a disc'.  The game was great, the time I had with it was great, and the soundtrack is nothing short of phenomenal.

Even better, there is a whole CD done by the London Philharmonic Orchestra of videogame music, going for six dollars here.  If you like it, please support the arts and buy it, yo!

If only you could tag in Dark Souls, this guy would have tagged with Akbar.  Brilliant level of trolling displayed in the video.  I also agree that I hope the item is a Dragonslayer Arrow.

Ive actually found myself quite fond of Yogcast lately.  I like Minecraft.  I like Nyancat.  I'm ok with this video. (1:30 for the impatient)

I remember re discovering this song when I was at work, and just having this grin ear to ear.  The music in Nintendo games is often forgettable, and that goes double for Zelda games.  Wind Waker had a fantastic score, and several of this pieces brought back a wave (haha) of nostalgia.  Especially that transition to the sailing piece just brings me back to that sense of awe and wonder as I explored the vast Ocean, searching each island for treasures.  Such a great game.  Cannot wait for the HD port.

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