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taterchimp avatar 11:49 AM on 01.05.2009  (server time)
Top Ten Endings by TaterChimp: #3

I bet you all thought I forgot about this. And by you all I mean everyone who read my series. And cared. So that was really a note for me...*ahem*. Anyway I was on break for the holidays and my computer at home is still on dial up, so I didnt feel like testing my patience by writing the rest of the series. In any event, lets continue.

One of my favorite RPGs offered many of my favorite parts. It was the first game that I played where you could do a plus quest (keep your items/stats). It was the first game with a branching path of endings. You could go with various ways of doing things, change out characters and all that kind of stuff. It was neat. My favorite part was that if you were particularly savvy you could beat the last boss of the game before the game even sets out. And this gives way to my third favorite ending.

Number Three: Chrono Trigger

So for those of you who did not know about this I will explain. This is actually fairly spoiler free too, which is pretty kick ass. At the fair if you decide to go with a path less taken you can fight Lavos. If you have beaten the game maybe twice or three times you can actually manage to beat him. Neat huh?

The best part of this though is that you have already seen two of the endings for the game, so you know whats going on. So instead of giving you the super awesome uber ending, you get to go dick around with pixelated staff. I dont really remember much of what they say, but you just go around talking to all of them, and its pretty cool. I just liked it so much because it rewarded you for playing the game so much with something completely unexpected. Yeah. I have got to get back in the groove of this for the next two, because number two is almost 100% guaranteed to cause some controversy. Look out.

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