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taterchimp avatar 5:08 PM on 01.06.2009  (server time)
Top Ten Endings by TaterChimp: #2

Ooooo now it is getting exciting. This game did not originally come to mind when I thought about top video game endings. In fact, it has never reached any list that was positive. It may have reached the list of top three overhyped video games of ever. (Not according to MSNBC..although they did have some things right..we learned something today)

So what makes this ending so special? So beloved? It was a 180 from the game. The game sucked. It was repetitive. It became boring. Then the last boss fight was a twist that you should have seen coming from miles away. Then when you beat the boss it goes crazy. The ending all of the sudden blew my away. So if you don't know what I'm talking about you must never have completed the game:

NUMBER TWO: Assassins Creed

So get all your bickering out about it. But seriously this games ending kicked my ass. I would gladly do it all again just to be able to see that ending again (thank you youtube). Now why was it so awesome? The game was bollocks, but then you get this spectacular moment in the main room, gaining the assassin vision, and suddenly things change. The whole modern gang of assassins is out there. Someone else was in the room before and there is writing everywhere. And what does it mean? You figure it out, Sherlock.

At first I was just entertained by all of the stuff that was in there, and trying to figure it out. Then after using the internet to find it out, it was even crazier. Aztec/Mayan/Chinese references? What? This just got all out crazy. And why did they put it there? What does it mean? It was something awesome that you had to figure out on your own. It was powerful for the inquisitive, and actually managed to give the game a point.

The reason for me personally to love this so much is that it made me want the sequel. It made me see how kick ass the developers could be if they wanted to, and the whole thing opened up the possibility for what could happen.

Also, Jade has breasts.

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