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taterchimp avatar 12:33 PM on 01.08.2009  (server time)
Top Ten Endings by TaterChimp: #1

So here we are. I have covered a lot of games a lot of genres a lot of styles of endings and a lot of things that I loved. After all of this of course everyone will no doubt think "my favorite game ending is better". However the number one slot is one of the few games that I will beat just to see the ending. I have done that. Twice within one year because I like the ending so much.

If you have never played this game, shame on you. If you have never beaten this game shame on you. If you have never heard of this game get out of DToid, we don't want you here. This game is something that we have probably all played, each with different experience. Mine started with playing with my mom. I watched her play it. I then watched my brother play it. When I played it I knew all of their secrets of doing it. I could ask them for pointers if I needed help or got lost. I grew up physically and emotionally with this game. I know it sounds corny, but that is why I love that game.

Number One: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

So what is it that makes this game better than every other game? To start with the ending was the goal of the game. At the start of the game what was the object? Save the girl, save the world. Did you do it? Yes. Is that all? Pretty much. Some games get lost along the way. But in this one the goal never changed. Every step was to save Zelda, kill Gannon, and save the world. And you did it, so sit back and relax for a bit, you earned it.

First there is the text summary. The triforce itself explains to you what just happened. It gives you the closure to the plot. It says you have killed the bad guy, you can transform the world back to the way it was because you are the hero. You have the heart of gold, you stopped the evil plans. But is that enough? No.

The next series of images show you the effect you had on every single person. The king has returned along with the maidens, along with Zelda. They look and acknowledge you because you did it. Your dad is back alongside of you, perfectly healthy. The kid in the woods is playing with the animals again. He died! He turned into a tree after giving you his shovel! And now he is back. Every last person has the opportunity to return back to how they were before. They are going about their daily lives worry free because of you. And almost every one looks at the screen as if to say thank you to the player. Not to Link, but to the player for saving them.

And you know what? If you dont know this box art, shame on you

The largest of these moments is of course the returning of the master sword. Chad already did a wonderful recap of the first time you found the sword in his memory card section. So this is the reverse of it. It shows Link walking away from the pedestal where the sword was. It was your faithful companion throughout the game, the only thing that could vanquish the evil, and now it too can rest. It also showed the reverse of the taking of it, with you walking away, and light shining. I think that this mirroring is incredibly powerful for the whole scene, as it makes you recall the first time you retrieved the sword and were struck with that moment.

I have yet to touch the music, which is one of my favorite parts of this ending. Sometimes when watching a video of a game I have not played for a while I can get the music in my head no problem. Sometimes randomly walking I get that music stuck in my head. I could hum note for note the entire scene in timing with the video with no sound. It was so well composed and compliments the scene so incredibly well.

The emotional impact for me is immense. I enjoy the game, and spent a lot of time on it, so the closure it gives makes me smile quite a bit for that. But on top of that every time I beat the game I get to picture my mom and my brother doing the same, back when I was younger. The ending takes me back so far in my youth.

Thanks for reading!

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