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taterchimp avatar 6:42 PM on 02.09.2011  (server time)
Exclusivity and Journalism

So I saw another comment by one of Destructoids trolls, and it provoked some thoughts. The comment was something like “the only exclusive for the 360 is halo, trolololol”. This made me wonder: what console has the most exclusives, and which exclusives are the best? So I decided to perform journalism.

The first step was to find a list of all exclusive games for the consoles. Like all great studies, this began and ended at Wikipedia, for my purposes. The link is: This list includes some games that have not been released stateside, or just in general, so those have been removed for these purposes. First, a simple count of the items

Count of Exclusives on Y axis

Obvious counter argument one is that the 360 has had the longest time out as a console, so naturally it would have more exclusives. This is out of my ‘scope’. I only care which one has the most. So the clear answer number one is: if you want the most exclusives, buy for the 360. The only caveat of this is that the list did include console exclusives, so many of the games in the 360 bin are also for PC, so again, I will limit the scope of this to consoles.

So 360 has the most, but who has the best? This process was painstaking. I looked up every game on The games that I could find have scores assigned to them. I took the average for each console, and got the below:

Average Score of Exclusives on Y axis

So the Xbox has the most exclusive games, but they are also (generally) the lowest quality. The PS3 exclusives are generally pretty good, but your average Wii exclusive is better than most of the bunch. There is a reason that sells! Oddly enough, the list did not include the Carnival games, which I was expecting. The non shovelware exclusives raise the quality. I would be willing to bet that if you put in all of those games, it would raise the Wii’s number to about twice that of the 360’s. I was curious about the distribution of the worst games, and included that graph as well, because hey. Its interesting.

Distribution of Scores for the Xbox 360

So what have we learned? If you want to play games no one else has played, get 360 exclusives. If you want to play games no one else has played, go buy yourself a Wii. If you want a good deal of alright games no one else has played, buy a PS3. But most importantly, just let everyone have fun. The biggest takeaway from this? Every console has its own advantage. You can buy more than one console, it’s ok! There is no bad choice in which console you enjoy! So can we please stop teh flamez?

(Also, if anyone wants the spreadsheet used to create graphs, average out scores, etc, I can probably provide it with some effort)

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