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Dear TriForce,

Thanks for keeping it classy. I find it really offensive that you say, "Be Professionals" when not a few lines before you say that 99% of the gamer pro chicks are 'hoes.

Excuse me?

Even if it were true, what happened to being professional? What happened to acting like a grown up?

Clearly these things aren't important to the gamer culture. We really don't care who you sleep with, what you do, or how you conduct your private lives. Yes, 'hoes is pretty much street slang for any given negative connotation you could ever make for a woman, but if you're a gaming professional, speaking from your MySpace where you're representing your team and your brand, why are you speaking like a retard? Why are you making the rest of the gaming community look like we haven't grown up past the age of 18?

Having Justin Wong on your team doesn't make what you did less offensive and less stupid. Grow up. Set an example. Please. Looking at your MySpace Blogs, it's quite a stretch to expect you to do so. But I figure if you can do it, so can every 16 year old on Xbox Live who decide that "fag" is the right thing to call someone who doesn't spend every waking hour playing Halo, Call of Duty, etc.

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