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taiki's blog

2:03 PM on 04.22.2011

Dear Valve part 2.

Somewhere between beating Portal for the umpteenth time, playing the Half Life Episodes and beating Portal 2, I somehow warmed up finally to Half Life. It's still not the greatest series ever, that's reserved for Romance of ...   read

7:14 PM on 04.28.2010

Musing on the lateness of the Mac steam client.

I'd boycott Valve if they had an online store I could purchase from. I guess that's the upside to pissing off Mac users.   read

2:57 PM on 04.26.2010

Dear Valve,

April's almost over, and there's still no public Steam client for Mac. April doesn't mean May. It's almost May. Also, "coming in April" doesn't include limited closed betas. Closed betas are fine. They're a way to contro...   read

5:45 PM on 11.17.2009

Small question about a big problem in gaming.

Here's a small question. How can EA close down Pandemic when EA is making more money than Jesus on Madden and The Saboteur is looking to be a AAA title? Addendum. The bigger point i wanted to pose, was the big question of ...   read

10:59 PM on 11.02.2009

Remember! Don't trust everything you read online.

Recently, Max Console ran a story from E4G where Gran Turismo 5 was "confirmed" to have a Track Editor. Except, I can't find any corroborating evidence. not on DToid, not on Kotaku, nowhere. Such a great feature would de...   read

3:58 AM on 09.15.2009

Shame on Empire Arcadia/TriForce.

Dear TriForce, Thanks for keeping it classy. I find it really offensive that you say, "Be Professionals" when not a few lines before you say that 99% of the gamer pro chicks are 'hoes. Excuse me? Even if it were tr...   read

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