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Ok, so I've been cruising around this site for a few months now and haven't posted sh!t. The various game setups are my favorite part of this site so it stands to fit that my first post should be of my game room (or My Sanctuary as the old lady likes to say. It's not much, but i don't feel like taking pics of the whole house. So you guys are just gonna get to see whats in here now. Who knows; maybe you'll get to see the rest later (gotta have something to blog about later right?).

Sorry about the quality of the pics. Taken with my phone.

So without further ado.....

My view

The old ladies view

The command center

Co-pillot seat

My pimp ass charger, dragon controller, old ladies backup and the best spirits ever made(check out the camo bag)

Old Faithful (that dinosaur has been through so much: Built with Windows ME later upgraded to XP with no hardware mods, Multiple viruses, crown and coke down through the tower, dropped off the trailer during the move and shes still running strong)

And For the Grand Finale.

The Protector
If you make it through "The Yard" you still have to worry about him licking you to death.
Photo Photo Photo

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