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I'm tired of bleeding out.
I've had this game for about 2 months and still don't ever play it. Well, why is that? Cause all my friends are cheap bastards and won't buy a PS3. "Dude the Xbox is cheaper." WTFE, Stop being such a penny pinching pansy. Anyway, I have no one that meets my requirements to play this game with. These requirements are as follows:
1 Owns a PS3
2 Owns Killzone
3 Gets online the same time I do
4 Has the patience to understand that I am a noob @ Killzone

So if you think that you can meet these reqs and would like to help me learn, send my a friend request and we'll jump in the shit. I'm a late night gamer. So I usually get on around 10 pm EST. I have played for about an hour and a half so I'm not a lost cause. I just don't quite know the maps or understand some of the objectives. I just need a leader that i can follow around and spawn near long enough to get a feel for the game.

Oh yeah, A headset would really help out the cause. I promise i won't cut your eardrums like most of the punks online. At least not to begin with. So if you got a headset, throw that sucker on your ear and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Hope to see you on Helghan.

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