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sylphx avatar 8:14 PM on 02.11.2009  (server time)
Developer Diary: Persona Live action trailer pt.2

Welcome to part 2!

Over the last week I have been reworking some of my concepts a little as I have been working on the storyboards for my short film. They are pretty rough at the moment once I redo them to something that is actually recognizable to everyone else I will post them. I have been doing some location scouting and have decided to shoot the film in my school (Alberta College of Art and Design) for both ease in proximity to the green screen and also the look fits my image.

Some of the scouting location shots are below.\

Apart from working on location and story boarding, I have been doing some preliminary model and texturing work on the shadow's mask that will make it's appearance in my short film.

The model is almost done I think, I might clean it up a bit more. The texture on the other hand is very early in development is something I just slapped on pretty quickly.

Well until next time!

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